• Please note that I have received my package and will like to thank you for everything that you have done. I know now who to come to when I need ancient goods. Look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!
    Cheryl, Methuen[USA] - 12th/Nov/2018

  • Dear Chris, I received the jacket today and I am speechless - it is really lovely! I believe I will enjoy wearing it. Thanks a million!
    Wayne, London [UK] - 2nd/Nov/2018

  • Good Evening Chris: Just wanted to let you know that I have received the jacket. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. Please give my thanks and praise to the ones who worked to make this garment so beautiful and precious for me. Take care Chris and one again many thanks.
    Ann, ONTARIO[CANADA] - 23th/Oct/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


Fashionable 108 Bead Bracelet--Black
USD $68.99  
Eighteen Sarira Bodhi Beads Bracelet
USD $33.99  
Oriental Flower Carnelian Bracelet--Black
USD $49.99  
108 Red Sandalwood Prayer Beads Bracelet
USD $29.99  
Natural Acura Color Obsidian Bracelet
USD $41.99  
Natural White Tridacna Beads Bracelet
USD $48.99  
Natural Green Agate Bracelet
USD $26.99  
Green Wingceltis Wooden Beads Bracelet
USD $66.99  
Fashionable 108 Bead Bracelet--Green
USD $49.99  
Fashionable 109 Bead Bracelet--Yellow
USD $53.99  
Fashionable 109 Bead Bracelet--White
USD $52.99  
Natural Carving Lotus Beads Bracelet
USD $41.99  
Classical 108 Bead Bracelet--White
USD $76.99  
Religious Authentic African Ebony Beads Bracelet
USD $48.99  
Natural Tabby Lotus Bodhi Bracelet
USD $45.99  
Exquisite Ivory Bodhi Bracelet
USD $19.99  
Religious "Six Mantra" Ebony Bracelet
USD $48.99  
Green Ebony Beads Mantra Bracelet
USD $41.99  
New Design Character Bracelet with fo word
USD $33.99  
Natural Red Agate Oval Bead Bracelet
USD $29.99  
Ancient 108 Bead Bracelet--White
USD $49.99  
Classical 216 Sandalwood Beads Bracelet
USD $41.99  
Asian Ebony Bead With Mantra Bracelet
USD $24.99  
Cylinder Ebony Beads Bracelet
USD $24.99  

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