• Hi Chris Just a short note to say thankyou to you and the tailors, my jacket fitted perfectly. Regards
    Malcolm, Devon [United Kingdom (Great Britain)] - 12th/July/2018

  • Very lovely fabric! Shipped faster than I thought with no issues. Would buy from again. Thanks!
    Florence Guedj, California[USA] - 9th/July/2018

  • Great!! I can tell you that I am delighted: date and delivery respected, the dress is consistent with the photo I made the choice of tailor made it very well adjusted .
    Duda Teixeira, San Francisco[USA] - 2nd/July/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


Mo Ni Seed Mala
USD $44.44  
Wooden Knocker Bodhi Seed Mala
USD $49.79  
Dragon Eyes Bodhi Seed Mala
USD $44.44  
Cherry Seed Bodhi Seed Mala
USD $74.40  
Cicada Slough Bodhi Seed Mala
USD $49.79  
African Mask Bodhi Seed Mala
USD $101.15  
Red Bodhi Seed Mala
USD $66.91  
Phoenix Eyes Budhi Seed Mala
USD $30.53  
Tindalo Mala
USD $30.53  
Lotus Beads Bodhi Mala
USD $152.51  
Golden Line Bodhi Mala
USD $106.50  
Blood Bodhi Mala
USD $67.98  
Treasure Lotus Bodhi Mala
USD $504.54  
Floral Bodhi Root Mala
USD $38.03  
White Bodhi Mala
USD $38.03  
Tiger's Eye Bodhi Mala
USD $62.63  
White Tridacna Shell Mala
USD $21.98  
Pumpkin Miao Style Leather Bracelet
USD $6.99  
Ox Bone Bracelet---Eight Trigram of Double Fishes
USD $23.05  
Ox Bone Bracelet---Dice
USD $23.05  
Ox Bone Bracelet---Domino
USD $19.68  
Ox Bone Bracelet---Good Luck
USD $23.05  
Ox Bone Bracelet---Fu(good fortune)
USD $23.05  
Ox Bone Bracelet---Big Toitorse
USD $43.38  

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