• The dolls are wonderful!! The umbrellas are very nice also. The fabric items are gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful service!
    Tenya Ingalls, Hawaii[USA] - 13th/Dec/2018

  • Just a quick note to advise that my order has safely arrived and to thank you for your efforts.
    koutaissoff , La Conversion [Switzerland] - 10th/Dec/2018

  • Hi! I finally received my order, and I just want to say thanks for all help and that I love the product! Best regards!
    Michael, Malmo[Sweden ] - 26th/Nov/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


Searching for the perfect cigarette accessory for the stogie smoker in your life? We offer several cigarette ashtrays at great price. We have all makes, shapes and sizes, including glass, metal, and also a beautiful selection of wooden cigarette ashtrays if you want to go with the more sophisticated look. Many of our ashtrays are even engravable! Personalize and create a unique and custom gift wonderful for any special occasion. We also provide elegant and beautiful crystal cigar ashtrays for cigar and cigarette aficionados.

Tree Trunk Wooden Ashtray
USD $20.66  
Chongqing Chinese Wooden Ashtray
USD $13.66  
Honshu Japanese Wooden Bowl
USD $25.66  
Cloisonne Ashtray Festive Bird
USD $67.99  
Cloisonne Ashtray Royal yellow
USD $67.99  
Cloisonne Ashtray Delicate Flower
USD $67.99  
Cloisonne Ashtray Exquisite Flower
USD $67.99  
Cloisonne Ashtray Dazzling gold
USD $87.25  
Cloisonne Ashtray Pure Orchid
USD $87.25  
Cloisonne Ashtray Meditative Peony
USD $87.25  
Cloisonne Ashtray Tranquil Peony
USD $87.25  
Cloisonne Ashtray Green Leaves
USD $87.25  
Thailand Elephant Ashtray
USD $12.35  
Lively Thailand Elephant Ashtray
USD $12.35  
The Shanhaiguan Pass Brick Carving Decorative Ashtray
USD $67.98  
Boat Steering Wheel Rosewood Ashtray
USD $74.40  
Walnuts Skin Decorative Ashtray
USD $43.38  
Rose Pewter Ashtray
USD $43.38  
Floral Pattern Pewter Ashtray
USD $42.30  
Beautiful Girl Pewter Ashtray
USD $26.25  
Love Rose Pewter Ashtray
USD $43.38  
Floral Cloisonne Ashtray
USD $18.76  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Ashtray---Flower
USD $38.03  

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