• Please note that I have received my package and will like to thank you for everything that you have done. I know now who to come to when I need ancient goods. Look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!
    Cheryl, Methuen[USA] - 12th/Nov/2018

  • Dear Chris, I received the jacket today and I am speechless - it is really lovely! I believe I will enjoy wearing it. Thanks a million!
    Wayne, London [UK] - 2nd/Nov/2018

  • Good Evening Chris: Just wanted to let you know that I have received the jacket. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. Please give my thanks and praise to the ones who worked to make this garment so beautiful and precious for me. Take care Chris and one again many thanks.
    Ann, ONTARIO[CANADA] - 23th/Oct/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Bamboo Products

Currently, bamboo is one of the hottest "green" materials on the market. Environmentalists love it, not only because of its carbon-storing capacity, but also because bamboo grows abundantly without the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Now many people are big fans of fashionable bamboo products. Good Orient is offering a series of bamboo products, including bamboo charcoal, bamboo slips, penholders, funiture, etc, to decorate your house and office beautifully, uniquely and ecologically! Take bamboo charcoal for example, bamboo charcoal is made up from pieces of bamboo, which burned inside an oven at temperatures over 800, is an environmentally functional material which has excellent absorption properties to expel smell, kill bacteria, keep health and to nourish facial and body skin.

Bamboo Apple-shaped Folding Fruit Tray
USD $38.03  
Bamboo Fish-shaped Folding Fruit Tray
USD $38.03  
Bamboo Goose-shaped Folding Fruit Tray
USD $38.03  
Bamboo Pen Holder- Prose
USD $67.99  
Bamboo Slip-Thirty-Six Stratagems
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-Never Be Mad
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-The Story of Peach Blossom Spring
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-The Story of the Old Drunkard Tower
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-Three Character Classic
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-The Analcets of Confucius
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion
USD $64.78  
Bamboo Slip-Snow.to the Tune of Chin Yuan Chun
USD $86.18  
Bamboo Slip-God Bless Diligent Man
USD $27.33  
Bamboo Slip-Learning And Thinking
USD $37.33  
Bamboo Slip- Fare Serenely Toward High Goal
USD $27.33  
Bamboo Slip-Practice Makes Perfect
USD $27.33  
Bamboo Slip-Harmony Makes Family Prosperous
USD $27.33  
Bamboo Slip-Prosperous Business
USD $27.33  
Bamboo Slip- Ox
USD $23.33  
Bamboo Screen-Four Noble Plants
USD $167.50  
Bamboo Screen-One Hundred Happy Children
USD $167.50  
Bamoo Hanging Ornament-Facial Makeup In Peking Opera
USD $46.96  
Bamboo Hanging Ornament-Celebrating Lantern Festival
USD $55.15  
Bamboo Charcoal In Pink Daisy Bag-Small Size
USD $14.49  

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