• Hi Chris Just want to thank you! My package arrived today with the exact items I ordered. The dress is tight on top but I removed the back darts to release the 1\" fabric. It fits a lot better after. I love the dress!! Beautiful fabric eventhought the mum flower in the website picture is orange-red and the one I got is blue. It will be perfect for my nephew\'s wedding! I will be wearing the jacket at a professional presentation in April and a party after. Much better in black and red. Please let me know what should I do with the incorrect items send in the first shipment. How do I return them. Thanks! Elsie
    Elsie, New York[USA] - 12th/Mar/2017

  • Hi Chris! I wanted to let you know that I received fabric and it\'s absolutely stunning. Thank you again for all your help!
    Elena, Washington[United States] - 7th/Mar/2017

  • Hi Chris, Thank you very much! I was going to write to you - yesterday I was also tracking the package and saw it arrived - I arrived home late and saw the package, everything\'s well wrapped in good condition. Thank you so much for making things happen and sorry for sending so many E-mails to ask. The dressed are in nice condition, delicately made. Thank you for everything! Hope you have a wonderful week! Best Wishes, Weimin
    Weimin, New York[USA] - 22th/Feb/2017

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chinese dress
chinese dress
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