• The dolls are wonderful!! The umbrellas are very nice also. The fabric items are gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful service!
    Tenya Ingalls, Hawaii[USA] - 13th/Dec/2018

  • Just a quick note to advise that my order has safely arrived and to thank you for your efforts.
    koutaissoff , La Conversion [Switzerland] - 10th/Dec/2018

  • Hi! I finally received my order, and I just want to say thanks for all help and that I love the product! Best regards!
    Michael, Malmo[Sweden ] - 26th/Nov/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

Embroidered Chinese Animals---OX
USD $11.28  
Flying Dragon in Cloud Snuff Bottle
USD $21.98  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Cosmetic Case---Dragon and Phoenix
USD $38.03  
Colorful Headstand of Dragon Cochin Ceramics
USD $30.53  
Double Dragons Green Jade Cup
USD $35.76  
Galloping Horses Snuff Bottle
USD $9.14  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Sculptures---Waving Pig
USD $21.98  
Happy Pig Cochin Ceramics Ashtray
USD $46.58  
Chinese Tiger Patchwork Toy---Blue
USD $19.84  
Tiger and Pine Tree Papercut
USD $10.20  
Chinese Handmade Patchwork Tiger Toy---Pale Blue
USD $11.28  
Embroidered Chinese Animals---Rabbit
USD $11.28  
Dragon and Phoenix Twin Vase
USD $106.99  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Disk---Dragon and Phoenix
USD $49.79  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops---Snake
USD $12.20  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Carnelian Necklace---Horse
USD $10.20  
Silk Handkerchief with Embroidered A Running Horse
USD $3.78  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops---Monkey
USD $12.20  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops---Rooster
USD $12.20  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops---Dog
USD $12.20  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops Set
USD $69.05  
Chinese Tiger Snuff bottle
USD $30.53  
Hard Sole Tiger Shoes---Navy
USD $18.76  
Soft Sole Tiger Shoes---Green Piping
USD $10.20  

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