• Hello, I got my blouses a week ago already and am very happy about it. They are perfect! I\\\'m looking forward to my next order.
    Katahrina, Moama[Australia] - 2nd/May/2019

  • Chopsticks arrived today, thank you for a very fast transaction, very happy with them.Kind regards!
    Kevin Andrews, STAINES[USA] - 26th/Apr/2019

  • Thank you for keeping me so well informed regarding my order. YOur emails are extremely kind and informative!
    Gayle CHing, Kailua Kona[USA] - 17th/Apr/2019

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

I'd like to introduce the lunar year mascots of China. We have 12 mascots in China to represent every 12 years. They are rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. And every two of them is a group. Specifically, rat and ox are a group which is a combination of intelligence and diligence. One is intelligent without diligence will lead to petty shrewdness, while one is diligent without intelligence will become stupid. Tiger and hare are a group which represents bravery and caution. One has more chances to succeed with the quality of bravery and caution. Dragon and snake are hardness and softness respectively. It is a good character for a person with the combination of hardness and softness in China. Horse and sheep are a group means courage and gentleness, the implied meaning is to march forward courageously with one's goal by adapting to the surrounding environment harmoniously. Monkey and rooster mean flexible and constant respectively. As we all know, monkey behaves flexible, and rooster calls people up regularly. Dog and pig are loyal and amiable. One who is only loyal is easy to exclude others, while one who is only amiable is easy to lost principle. That's all the implied meaning of the 12 mascots. I think you can get a better understanding of them now.

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Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Rat
Was: $4.85
Now: $2.67   ( 45% off)
Porcelain Key Chains-Chinese Twelve Zodiac Animals
USD $2.73  
Chinese New Year Rat Brings Fortune Red Envelop Set
Was: $5.93
Now: $3.26   ( 45% off)
Silk Handkerchief with Embroidered A Running Horse
USD $3.78  
Baby Wearing Mouse Hat Celebrate New Yea Decoration Set
Was: $6.99
Now: $4.54   ( 35% off)
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Tiger
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Rabbit
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Snake
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Horse
USD $4.85  
Goat and Rabbit Papercut
USD $4.85  
Goat Brass Decoration
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Goat
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Monkey
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Rooster
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Dog
USD $4.85  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Carnelian Necklace---Rat
Was: $10.20
Now: $5.61   ( 45% off)
Chinese Monkey King Papercut
USD $5.93  
Embroidered Fortune and Monkey Bellyband
USD $5.93  
Pretty Dog Papercut
USD $5.93  
Simple Chinese Symbol Animals Papercut---Small
USD $5.93  
Guizhou Chinese Wooden Cups
USD $7.99  
Simple Chinese Symbol Animals Papercut---Larger
USD $8.06  
Beautiful Rabbit Friendlies Hanging Ornament
USD $8.08  
Blessing Golden Rabbit Friendlies Hanging Ornament
USD $8.08  

Chinese Zodiac Animals
From the birth ,every Chinese people has his own ShengXiao .Chinese ShengXiao are composed of twelve animals (those are rat, cattle, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig.), which developed from the olden and special noting year's way ----Earthly Branches.In order to be convenient for remembrance, onetime Chinese people related the twelve ordinary animals and Earthly Branches, which made a cycle for twelve years.

Beging a kind of typical national culture, ShengXiao has been used in some fields which include painting, sculpture, architecture, workmanship, china and so on at the ancient time. So ShengXiao has become a vividly popular image that implies good luck and nice bless. As yet ,ShengXiao has spread more than two thousands years so now , as a wealthy national culture property, it not only affects every Chinese people ,but has expanded to many especially other counties.

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