• Well made, fully lined, I took time to measure and fits perfectly. I have hand washed and just let it drip dry with no problem. My fellow Tai Chi students loved it too.
    Devin, Hawaii[USA] - 7th/Mar/2019

  • I received my dress today, your staff has been great, the dress is absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be buying another dress from you. Again, thank you.
    LaTanya, New York[United States] - 1st/Mar/2019

  • My package arrived yesterday and the slippers are very pretty and fit perfectly. Thank you once again. I will purchase from goodorient again. Kindest Regards.
    Michele Seesee, Seattle[United States] - 26th/Feb/2019

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


DOG: This is the honest, friendly and sincere sign of the zodiac. People born under the Dog always seem to be ready for action and this quality brings respect from others around them. They can be brave and courageous and rarely withdraw from a commitment or betray a confidence. Their inner power and physical vigour makes them good people to have on a team. They are very loyal and reliable and in relationships settle with someone who supports them. They are devoted to the welfare of others and are often wonderful listeners. They can be very faithful to their partners and to others around them. The careers that they approach include teaching, social work, counselling, medicine, research, public campaigning and law. Years: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

Chinese Canvas Eco Bag
USD $19.99  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops---Dog
USD $12.20  
Embroidered Chinese Animals---Dog
USD $11.28  
Chinese Zodiac Purple Sand Teapot---Dog
USD $62.63  
Cute Jade Dog
USD $62.63  
Double Dog Ox Bone Jewelry Box
USD $49.79  
Imitated Maya Antique Style Dog Terra Cotta Statue
USD $42.30  
Pretty Dog Papercut
USD $5.93  
Colorized Dog Playing with the Butterfly Papercut
USD $10.20  
Swan-shape Bottle---Chinese Dog Year
USD $38.03  
Chinese Batik Fabrics Cushion Cover---Dog
USD $18.76  
Crystal Puppy Decoration
USD $42.30  
Sea Shell Decoration---Puppy Couple
USD $11.28  
Sea Shell Decoration---Cute Puppy
USD $21.98  
Natural Wooden Animal Decoration---Dog
USD $44.44  
Chinese Twelve Zodiac Animals Clay Figurine---Dog
USD $11.28  
Golden Puppy Small Jewelry Box
USD $26.25  
Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals Micro suede Key Chain---Dog
USD $4.85  
Chinese Twelve Zodiac Symbol Tea Pet--Dog
USD $29.99  
Delicate Twelve Zodiac Symbol Tea Pet--Dog
USD $33.99  
Exquisite Twelve Zodiac Symbol Tea Pet--Dog
USD $36.99  
Trational Twelve Zodiac Symbol Tea Pet--Dog
USD $49.99  
Chinese Papercut Style Scroll Series-Dog
Was: $79.99
Now: $63.99   ( 20% off)
Traditional Papercut Style Scroll Series-Dog
Was: $52.99
Now: $42.39   ( 20% off)

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