• Hello, I got my blouses a week ago already and am very happy about it. They are perfect! I\\\'m looking forward to my next order.
    Katahrina, Moama[Australia] - 2nd/May/2019

  • Chopsticks arrived today, thank you for a very fast transaction, very happy with them.Kind regards!
    Kevin Andrews, STAINES[USA] - 26th/Apr/2019

  • Thank you for keeping me so well informed regarding my order. YOur emails are extremely kind and informative!
    Gayle CHing, Kailua Kona[USA] - 17th/Apr/2019

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


DRAGON: Their personality is energetic, enthusiastic and self-confident. Dragons are good at creating an impression. Dragons are interested in the world around them, full of energy and are comfortable with being the centre of attention. In difficult situations, Dragons can judge well, stepping in at the right moment to resolve things. They can be decisive, lucky and capable yet quiet serious and dignified. They can also be brave and charismatic and have a whole hearted approach to life. They see themselves as protectors. In partnerships they look for someone who will give them space and at the same time satisfy their romantic nature. They can often be disappointed at what they see as weakness in others. Their careers can be in acting, law, religion, management and the arts. Enjoying responsibility they will not tolerate being trapped in poor jobs or being at the mercy of others. Years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012.

Malaysia Jade Dragon Circle Necklace
USD $26.25  
Korean Dragon Bronze Bell
USD $14.48  
Big Carbaso Bamboo Fan---Dragon
USD $14.48  
3D Wooden Dragon Press Out Model with A Pen Holder
USD $10.20  
SALE Fire & Dragon Silk Fabric Wedding dress brocade by meter
Was: $18.76
Now: $8.69   ( 54% off)
3D Wooden Dragon Press Out Model
USD $18.76  
Carved Dragon Seal Ink Container
USD $39.98  
Blue Traditional Beijing Sha Yan Kite---Dragon
USD $10.20  
3D Wooden Model: Chinese Dragon Boat
USD $18.76  
Embroidered Chinese Animals---Dragon
USD $11.28  
Colorized Embroidered  Hanging---Dragon
USD $24.13  
Twelve Symbol Animals Chops---Dragon
USD $12.20  
Procelain Teapot---Dragon
USD $21.98  
Double Dragons Red Jade Cup
USD $18.76  
Dragon & Phoenix Ink stone
USD $21.98  
Small Jade Dragon
USD $18.76  
Chinese Ancient Method Colored Glaze Necklace---Dragon
USD $33.74  
Golden Dragon Ink
USD $10.20  
Colorful Dragons Hanging Decorations
USD $26.25  
Flying Dragon in Cloud Snuff Bottle
USD $21.98  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Cosmetic Case---Dragon and Phoenix
USD $38.03  
Colorful Headstand of Dragon Cochin Ceramics
USD $30.53  
Double Dragons Green Jade Cup
USD $35.76  
Dragon and Phoenix Twin Vase
USD $106.99  

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