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Essential Oil Featured

Weight: 250.00 grams
Product Code: HOB1021

Essential Oil:

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    Rose: Rose balances and strengthens the digestive system. It is also a great detoxifier it purges the body of toxins and waste products.
    Sweet-scented Osmanthus: Osmanthus is used extensively in fine fragrances for its floral and fruity-floral aroma. The aroma can be described as a sweet- floral, apricot, fig type of scent. It is a heavenly oil and very pleasing to the senses.
    Jasmine: Jasmine can be an effective addition to an emotional tonic milk bath, that will gently soak away worry and stress. Jasmine is generally agreeable with most, but some allergic reactions can occur. Jasmine should not be used during pregnancy because of its antispasmodic properties.
    Daffodil: Helping sleep, banlancing emotion, activing cell and speeding cell rebirth.
    Carnation: The most unique fresh green sweet clovey scent of unmistakably fresh flowers. Reputedly an aphrodisiac. Be wary on sensitive skin.
    Lavender: balancing, soothing, normalizing, calming, relaxing, healing
    Yulan: Increasing immunity, dispelling the smell, contraoling the increasing of bacilus and romantic.
    Violet: An efficient expectorant of the respiratory tract
    Good diuretic
    Helpful in cases of fluid retention
    Good for slimming
    Good for certain skin conditions such as Acne rosacea
    Evening Primrose: These are hormone-like substances that regulate several bodily functions, such as the menstrual cycle, blood clotting and blood pressure, as well as helping to maintain healthy skin
    Chamomile: Aromatherapy benefits: calming, relaxing, soothing.
    Lilac: Increasing skin elasticity and desalting gravid veins and scars.
    Geranium: Aromatherapy benefits: soothing, mood-lifting, balancing.
    Honeysuckle: Balancing the exudation of sebum and water.
    Snow-lotus: Balance the exudation of hormone and sebum.Smoothing and moistening.
    Rosemary: It supports the circulatory, nervous and muscular systems, and it has been used for centuries to promote healthy hair and skin.
    Thyme: Aromatherapy benefits: cleansing, purifying, energizing. Caution: Thyme oil can be irritating to the skin and should be used cautiously.
    Lemon: Aromatherapy benefits: uplifting, refreshing, cheering.Caution: avoid using the oil in body care products when going out into the sun as it can cause redness and burning of the skin.
    Sweet orange: Aromatherapy benefits: cheering, refreshing, uplifting.All citrus oils are quick to deteriorate and should be stored in a cool, dry, dark area in full containers.
    Sandalwood: Sandalwood oil is also an excellent cleansing, astringent addition to massage and facial oils, bath oils, aftershaves, lotions and creams. Aromatherapy benefits: relaxing, centering, sensual

  • volume:15ml
  • Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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  • “The dolls are wonderful!! The umbrellas are very nice also. The fabric items are gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful service!„
    -Tenya Ingalls, Hawaii [USA]
  • “Just a quick note to advise that my order has safely arrived and to thank you for your efforts.„
    - koutaissoff , La Conversion [Switzerland]
  • “Hi! I finally received my order, and I just want to say thanks for all help and that I love the product! Best regards! „
    -Michael, Malmo [Sweden ]

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      Product FAQ      top of page

    1 Q: How far in advance should I order my product?

    The total time required would be order processing time plus shipping time. All stock merchandise will be dispatched for shipment within 2-3 working days of receipt of order. Specially, we hand make every wedding and prom dress according customer's detail requests. It usually takes about 25 days to custom make. You will be notified via email of any back orders, or other delays in shipping your order.

    We offer delivery via Registered International air parcel which takes up to 10-14 working days to receive your goods. We also offer Worldwide Express service which takes about 3 working days for you to receive your goods.

    A rough estimate time for delivering to any major city in the world would be as below:

    Stock Orders with Air Parcel Shipment: 12 to 17 working days

    Stock Orders with Express Shipment: 5 to 6 working days

    Alteration or wedding and prom dress Orders with Air Parcel Shipment: one month and a half

    Alteration or wedding and prom dress Orders with Express Shipment: one month

    2 Q: Can I return or cancel the dress if I change my mind?

    GoodOrient guarantees our product to be totally satisfied by you, and is very flexible on our return policy. However due to certain products that maybe customized to an individual's fitting, we will be unable to offer such perks to our customers.

    We allow ALL BUT THE FOLLOWING products to be returnable/refundable:

    - Custommade clothings.

    - Personal name imprinted T-shirts

    - discounted and bargain selection items

    - items purchased over 45 working days

    - items damaged by improper cleaning method

    - Wholesale Orders (non-refundable, size-exchangable only)

    If you want to cancel the order and your order has not yet shipped, we can cancel it for you. A 5% bank charge, and an additional 5% cancellation charge will be imposed to offset the charges of online payment gateways. However, we shall not be able to process a cancellation once your order has been shipped. So, please contact us at once when you change your mind. Thank you very much.

    3 Q: Can I order a dress in a different style/fabric/length?

    Yes, we accept custom-made order for a wide variety of clothing. You can choose style/fabrics from all of clothings or fabrics that you can see from our website. Just inform us your detail requests.

    4Q: Will my dress exactly match the color I see on your website?

    While we have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on the Site, the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor. We cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

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