• I wanted to say a big \"thank you\" for the amazing dress for my daughter, it is stunning!
    Ioana , New Mexico[USA] - 17/Apr/2014

  • I received the slippers and I LOVE them! The quality and craftsmanship and comfort are beautiful!
    Simone, Arizona[USA] - 16/Apr/2014

  • Your Kungfu Suits are very beautiful, lovely material!
    Alden, ohio[USA] - 15/Apr/2014

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

For Women

Black classical cheongsam Was: $94.18
Now: $61.22   ( 35% off)
Feng Shui Cellphone Chain USD $4.85   Red Kimono Robe USD $49.80   Secret Black Long Chinese Clothing Was: $106.16
Now: $69.01   ( 35% off)
Elegant Chinese Cloisonne Bangle Was: $3.78
Now: $2.08   ( 45% off)
Teal Peony Basket Silk Cheongsam Was: $88.84
Now: $57.75   ( 35% off)
Spring Green Peony Qipao Was: $95.24
Now: $61.91   ( 35% off)
Particular Black Cheongsam Was: $85.62
Now: $55.65   ( 35% off)
Golden Fish Key Chain Was: $10.20
Now: $7.65   ( 25% off)
Cloisonne Bell Key Chain Was: $5.03
Now: $3.77   ( 25% off)
Chinese Happiness and Longevity Cellphone Bag USD $2.73   Polite White Blouse Was: $75.14
Now: $48.84   ( 35% off)
Colorful Floral Cloisonne Bangle Was: $11.28
Now: $6.21   ( 45% off)
Chinese Dragon Word T-Shirt USD $27.33   Chinese Hot Red Mini Dress Was: $77.06
Now: $50.09   ( 35% off)
Burgundy Embroidered Thai Silk Chinese Clothing Was: $95.46
Now: $62.05   ( 35% off)
Blue Chrysanthemum Brocade Blouse Was: $64.44
Now: $41.89   ( 35% off)
Beige Butterfly Blouse Was: $68.70
Now: $44.66   ( 35% off)
Oriental Black Chinese Coat Was: $102.94
Now: $66.91   ( 35% off)
Traditional Chinese Red Plum Blossom Blouse Was: $66.56
Now: $43.27   ( 35% off)
Floral Drop Cloisonne Earring Was: $3.78
Now: $2.08   ( 45% off)
Kwan-yin Jade Cellphone Chain USD $4.85   Deep Lake Silk Brocade Blouse Was: $67.64
Now: $43.97   ( 35% off)
Black Dragon Chinese Dress Was: $99.54
Now: $64.70   ( 35% off)

For Women
Fashionable Chinese style dresses adds an Asian flair to your closet! Elegant Chinese Dresses accentuate a women's curves while adding a touch of mystery. The Asian dress for women is the perfect option for a fancy dinner out or a night at the opera. Intricately designed with a dainty flower pattern, the unique Chinese style dress is perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement. Another option of Oriental clothing is Qipao. With slits on either side and a V-neck collar, this dress is flirtatious and coy. The Kimono is a simple, yet elegant option for those who want something soft and easy to wear. Asian women don't stop at feminine clothing, but incorporate their femininity into their accessories as well. Whether a simple cell phone chain, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, these pages have elegant options to compliment your clothing. Bangle bracelets show off a women's delicate wrist and dangling earrings dress up any outfit. Jade, a stone believed to have healing property is available in some jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets. A purse is a necessary item for any woman and we have casual options, such as shoulder bags and fancier bags such as beaded bags, printed purses, and sea shell purses and brocade bags. As hair is a women's crowning glory, there are hair pins with dragonflies, butterflies and other ornamental designs. Unique Ox Horn Combs designed to not to tear your hair are also available. Whether you're looking for chinese wear, accessories or both, these pages have items that are must-haves for any women.

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