• Thanks Chris, It\\\'s all good - they arrived yesterday and today. They look lovely; the girls are very happy with them! Thanks again for your help!!
    Timothy, Saskatchewan [CANADA] - 13th/Sep/2018

  • I have ordered from you before and I am always impressed by the items you have. My friend asked me what I want for my birthday coming up and I sent him some links to your site. These items today are for my daughter, I am sure she will love them. Thanks!
    Jason Jack , Colorado [USA] - 5th/Sep/2018

  • The goods are well arrived yesterday in the morning. It\'s beautiful, it\'s perfect ...and I done a new order fews minutes ago !!! Thanks a lot to Good Orient. Kinds regards
    Sylvain , Mississippi[USA] - 1st/Sep/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Hair Goods

Special Fan Design Hair Ornament
USD $41.99  
Attractive Floral&Pearl Hair Ornament
USD $84.99  
Delicate Vintage Style Hair Ornament
USD $19.99  
Striking Petal Tassel Hair Ornament
USD $41.99  
Special Handcrafted Floral Hair Ornament
USD $29.99  
Stylishness Handcrafted Wooden Hairpin
USD $94.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Nuohan
USD $55.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Butterfly
USD $17.99  
Charming "Dancing Butterfly" Hair Ornament
USD $49.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Lily
USD $59.99  
Fantastic Handcrafted Floral Hair Ornament
USD $26.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Wanai
USD $44.99  
Loveliness Floral Hair Ornament
USD $74.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Xin Rui
USD $47.99  
Unique Style Handcrafted Hair Ornament
USD $77.99  
Delicate Chinese Style Floral Hair Ornament
USD $62.99  
Fashionable "Green Trace" Floral Home Ornament
USD $57.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Hua Yao
USD $46.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Yao Xian
USD $49.99  
Refine "Angel Floral" Hair Ornament
USD $49.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Qian Yan
USD $53.99  
Fashionable Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Green Butterfly
USD $42.99  
Antique Pink Pearl Hair Ornament
USD $63.99  
Classical Handcrafted Hair Ornament--Yu Lin
USD $48.99  

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