• Hello Chris, My order had arrived yesterday and I am surprised by the fast delivery ! Everything was in good condition and was packaged well ! I\'m glad to see a difference from my last order ! I will be sure to order from Good Orient again.
    Jennifer, Alberta [ Canada ] - 2nd,May.2018

  • Dear Chris, I am happy to report that I received the Shining Silk Magnificent Shirt on Friday. I am very pleased with it. It is exactly what I ordered. Thank you.
    Michael, Saint Cloud [United States] - 9th/Apr/2018

  • Chris: The \"T\" shirt came today. It is terrific!! Thank you so much for your effort. I look forward to doing business with Goodoreint in the future.
    Richard , Castine[USA] - 2nd,Feb.2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Hair Goods

Designed with colorful beads and tibetan silver, these lovely enamel hair pins are beautiful works of art. They are sure to draw compliments from your friends and everyone you know.

Red Hand-Carved Ox Bone Hair Pin
Was: $5.93
Now: $3.85   ( 35% off)
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Hair Pin---Rhombic
USD $12.35  
Turquoise Hand-Carved Ox Bone Hair Pin
USD $4.86  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Hair Pin---Heart
USD $12.35  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Hair Pin---Ru Yi
USD $12.35  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Hair Pin---Fortune
USD $12.35  
Agate Pendant Hand-Carved Ox Bone Hair Pin
USD $5.93  
Butterfly Wire Hairpin
USD $18.76  
Yuan Bao Hair Pin
USD $18.76  
Hand-Carved Cinnabar Hair Pin---Elephant
USD $12.35  
Alloy Pendant Hand-Carved Ox Bone Hair Pin
USD $6.99  
Hand-Carved Ox Horn Hair Pin
USD $8.06  
Beautiful  Butterfly Hairpin
USD $18.76  
Southwestern Style Hair Floral Decoration---Big
USD $18.76  
Southwestern Style Hair Floral Decoration---Small
USD $14.48  
Dragon-shaped Miao Silver Hairpin
Was: $23.05
Now: $14.98   ( 35% off)
Phoenix Miao Silver Hairpin
USD $23.05  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Triangle & Flower
USD $9.99  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Ball & Flower
USD $9.99  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Fish
USD $9.99  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Pentagon
USD $9.99  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Water Drop
USD $9.99  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Buddha Head
USD $9.99  
Handmade Cinnabar Hair Pin--Bamboo
USD $9.99  

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