• Hi Chris Just want to thank you! My package arrived today with the exact items I ordered. The dress is tight on top but I removed the back darts to release the 1\" fabric. It fits a lot better after. I love the dress!! Beautiful fabric eventhought the mum flower in the website picture is orange-red and the one I got is blue. It will be perfect for my nephew\'s wedding! I will be wearing the jacket at a professional presentation in April and a party after. Much better in black and red. Please let me know what should I do with the incorrect items send in the first shipment. How do I return them. Thanks! Elsie
    Elsie, New York[USA] - 12th/Mar/2017

  • Hi Chris! I wanted to let you know that I received fabric and it\'s absolutely stunning. Thank you again for all your help!
    Elena, Washington[United States] - 7th/Mar/2017

  • Hi Chris, Thank you very much! I was going to write to you - yesterday I was also tracking the package and saw it arrived - I arrived home late and saw the package, everything\'s well wrapped in good condition. Thank you so much for making things happen and sorry for sending so many E-mails to ask. The dressed are in nice condition, delicately made. Thank you for everything! Hope you have a wonderful week! Best Wishes, Weimin
    Weimin, New York[USA] - 22th/Feb/2017

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

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The halter, itself, is a fabulous cut that shows just enough to be teasingly sensual without being overtly sexy. Our designs emphasize this classic feature of the halter, while adding a unique twist, creating a whole new original look. Fabulously appropriate for any occasion, it can even be worn to work with a simple jacket. Korea clothing can trace its origin to nomadic clothing in the Scytho-Siberian cultural sphere of northern Asia.Hanbok (South Korea) or Chosŏn-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means "Korean clothing",Throughout history, hanbok today often refers specifically to hanbok of Chosŏn Dynasty and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations.GoodOrient.com strives to provide the most refined, streamlined korea clothing on the market to enhance your rugged good looks.

Red Silk Brocade Halter Was: $44.44
Now: $28.89   ( 35% off)
Exuberant Floral Halter-Top USD $40.16   Dragon and Phoenix Halter-Top USD $43.38   Terrific Red -crowned Crane Silk Halter-Top USD $39.10  
Floral Halter-Top USD $43.38   Black Bamboo Dudou USD $22.90   Navy Plum Blossom Halter Was: $27.34
Now: $16.40   ( 40% off)
Khaki Peony Silk Brocade Halter Top USD $40.16  
Aegean Sea Halter-Top USD $39.10   Sexy Black Velvet Dudou USD $39.10   Purple Peony Halter-Top USD $42.30   Fashion Style Halter Top USD $43.38  
Floral Phoenix Halter USD $43.38   Luxuriant Peony Halter-top USD $38.04   Lilac Rose Halter Top USD $42.30   Cool Turquoise Sea Halter Top USD $41.24  
Blooming Peony Handmade Embroidered Dudou -- Red USD $73.34   Blooming Peony Handmade Embroidered Dudou -- White USD $73.34   A Horse And Green Plums Handmade Embroidered Dudou -- Black USD $73.34    A Horse And Plums Handmade Embroidered Dudou -- China Red USD $73.34  
Lotus Flower and Butterfly Handmade Embroidered Dudou -- Yellow USD $73.34   Lotus Flower and Butterfly Handmade Embroidered Dudou -- White USD $73.34   Yellow Embroidered Floral Silk Dudou USD $14.50   Pink Embroidered Floral Silk Dudou USD $14.50  

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Halter tops are a great option for summer and our Chinese Halter Tops add a touch of Asian class to your closet. Our halters are also great for winter when layered with a jacket. Chinese Halter Tops from Good Orient come in a variety of cuts and styles that allow you to choose the one that flatters your figure. From spaghetti straps that tie in the back to high necks with traditional Chinese buttons to key hole buttons or strapless, these halters can be worn as a glamorous look for a night out on the town, for a casual luncheon with friends or even to work when paired with a jacket! The halter, itself, is a fabulous cut that shows just enough to be teasingly sensual without being overtly sexy. Our designs emphasize this classic feature of the halter, while adding a unique twist, creating a whole new original look. All of our Oriental Halter Tops designs are unique to Good Orient and integrate classical Chinese patterns such as delicate flowers and bamboo. Authentic Chinese sewing techniques such as frog buttons and piping are also available in some designs. Many halters are made with from brocade, a fabric used in traditional Chinese clothing, but other fabrics such as velvet and Thai silk are also available in some of our designs. Asian Halter Neck Tops from Good Orient allow you to show off your figure in a demure but subtle fashion. Distinct designs permit you to display as much or as little of your back as you wish. The different jewel-toned colours look stunning on all skin types and instantly dress-up any outfit, even jeans. Our captivating designs and colours make Oriental Halter Tops a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Fabulously appropriate for any occasion!

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