• Dear Good Orient: I had a plesant surprise today. i received my dress and it fitted beautifully. I am now looking forward to ordering my next dress..actually I can\'t wait. i will definately recommend the GOOD ORIENT to all my friends. Thank you wholeheartedly
    Claudine Malta, Zurrieq[Malta] - 7th/June/2019

  • We got the dress and it fits perfect! Plus it is just so pretty. Thankyou again for everything. I will shop on your site more often now that my order was done the way I needed it to be. I am so glad I went through you and not someone elses site.
    Maegen Ebert, Reno[United States] - 5th/June/2019

  • The prices lead me to purchase from Good orient and they delivered on time without incident. The product appears to be quality material that will last. I enjoyed the shooping expereince and would do it again!
    Byron White, Bloomington [United States] - 30th/May/2019

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


The ultimate attire to bring out elegance and feminity to inspire attention! Definitely a special collection picked for your fashionable demanding.Eastern clothing designers constantly add Chinese clothing culture elements to their new designs. Will arm jeans jacket and elegant to wear the shirt together, the elements of the Oriental and Western elements incorporated together - you may have been added to this mix spread of life in the tide.

Blooming Flower Style Women Jacket-Black
Was: $59.99
Now: $44.99   ( 25% off)
Charming Embroidery Flower Women Clothing
Was: $59.99
Now: $44.99   ( 25% off)
Fresh Green Embroidery Women Jacket
Was: $67.99
Now: $50.99   ( 25% off)
Exquisite Embroidery Plum Blossom China Red Women Jacket
Was: $59.99
Now: $35.99   ( 40% off)
Burgundy Embroidered Thai Silk Chinese Clothing
Was: $95.46
Now: $76.37   ( 20% off)
Oriental Black Chinese Coat
Was: $102.94
Now: $89.99   ( 13% off)
Asymmetric Longevity Chinese Clothing For SALE
Was: $86.90
Now: $43.45   ( 50% off)
Chinese Black Velvet Clothing
Was: $99.74
Now: $49.87   ( 50% off)
Simple and Elegant Thai Silk Jacket
USD $81.54  
Magic Golden Dragon Linen Jacket
Was: $97.60
Now: $48.80   ( 50% off)
Black Cashmere Jacket
Was: $97.94
Now: $88.15   ( 10% off)
Flower Thai silk White Peony Long Coat
USD $95.46  
Navy Dragon Jacket for SALE
Was: $92.24
Now: $59.96   ( 35% off)
Green Thai Silk Jacket
USD $80.48  
Black Brocade Coat
Was: $95.46
Now: $47.73   ( 50% off)
Traditional Chinese Satin Clothing for SALE
Was: $71.92
Now: $35.96   ( 50% off)
Dantesque Black Jacket
Was: $95.46
Now: $47.73   ( 50% off)
High Style Gray Green Jacket
USD $80.48  
Golden Silk Brocade Coat
Was: $91.18
Now: $45.59   ( 50% off)
Embroidered Dark Red Thai Silk Coat
USD $101.88  
Pale Moss Green Thai Silk Jacket
USD $92.24  
Chinese Red Happy Dragon Jacket
USD $86.90  
Red Patterns Silk Brocade Jacket
USD $47.66  
Chinese Jacket with Leafy Embroidery Pattern
USD $47.66  

Nothing compliments a great outfit quite like a jacket can and Chinese jackets are no exception. The elegance that comes from Chinese Jackets for Women is second to none. Often times, a silk jacket is merely something that tops the outfit, but because of the smart, stylish elegance of a Chinese silk jackets, you can make it an integral part of your fashion routine. These jackets can really bring out your femininity. There is just something special about the way the Silk Dragon Jackets for women from Good Orient feel on your body. You can chose to wear a blouse or even a t-shirt under your jacket, but here's a warning, Chinese jackets look and feel so good, that you will never want to take it off. It's the perfect go everywhere, use anytime jacket. Asian women just seem to know how to look so elegant and feminine no matter what kind of jacket they wear, but a favorite jacket can still make them look and feel more elegant than they could before. It's this great fashion sense that keeps them looking good and now you can share their same styles. Good Orient has many different styles that will appeal to your sense of design and your sense of fashion. If you want to go for a sleek and sexy look, why not go for a beautiful velvet jacket. You'll turn heads and you'l never want to take the soft and supple jacket off. You can go with a unique fashion statement with a beautiful Brocade jacket.

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