• Well made, fully lined, I took time to measure and fits perfectly. I have hand washed and just let it drip dry with no problem. My fellow Tai Chi students loved it too.
    Devin, Hawaii[USA] - 7th/Mar/2019

  • I received my dress today, your staff has been great, the dress is absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be buying another dress from you. Again, thank you.
    LaTanya, New York[United States] - 1st/Mar/2019

  • My package arrived yesterday and the slippers are very pretty and fit perfectly. Thank you once again. I will purchase from goodorient again. Kindest Regards.
    Michele Seesee, Seattle[United States] - 26th/Feb/2019

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Jade Articles

Longevity + Fortune Jade Decoration
USD $352.60  
Imitation Jade Kylin Statue
USD $38.03  
Small Jade Hoptoad
USD $21.98  
Small Jade Fish
USD $5.93  
Jade Ru Yi
USD $76.91  
Jade Pi Xiu
USD $104.36  
Big Jade Pekinese
USD $66.91  
Big Jade Foot Hanging---Zhi Zu Chang Le
USD $78.68  
Fish Playing Together Jade Ornament---Erect
USD $278.78  
Fish Playing Together Jade Ornament---Horizontal
USD $173.91  
Jade Ru Yi Decoration
USD $177.13  
Chinese Dragon Jade Decoration
USD $454.25  
Jade Calabash Decoration
USD $454.25  
Jade Tortoise and Dragon Congratulating Longevity Decoration
USD $303.38  
Blessing Safety Jade Apple Decoration
USD $327.99  
Elephant Brings Success Jade Decoration
USD $227.41  
Kylin Presenting Treasures Jade Decoration
USD $405.03  
Mandarin Ducks Jade Decoration
USD $405.03  
Mandarin Ducks Jade Decoration
USD $405.03  
Chinese Cornucopia Jade Decoration
USD $352.60  
Rats Bring Treasure Jade Decoration
USD $379.35  
Longevity and Satisfaction Jade Decoration
USD $405.03  
Toad Brings Wealth Jade Decoration
USD $303.38  
Chinese Dragon Jade Decoration
USD $303.38  

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