• Hi Chris Just want to thank you! My package arrived today with the exact items I ordered. The dress is tight on top but I removed the back darts to release the 1\" fabric. It fits a lot better after. I love the dress!! Beautiful fabric eventhought the mum flower in the website picture is orange-red and the one I got is blue. It will be perfect for my nephew\'s wedding! I will be wearing the jacket at a professional presentation in April and a party after. Much better in black and red. Please let me know what should I do with the incorrect items send in the first shipment. How do I return them. Thanks! Elsie
    Elsie, New York[USA] - 12th/Mar/2017

  • Hi Chris! I wanted to let you know that I received fabric and it\'s absolutely stunning. Thank you again for all your help!
    Elena, Washington[United States] - 7th/Mar/2017

  • Hi Chris, Thank you very much! I was going to write to you - yesterday I was also tracking the package and saw it arrived - I arrived home late and saw the package, everything\'s well wrapped in good condition. Thank you so much for making things happen and sorry for sending so many E-mails to ask. The dressed are in nice condition, delicately made. Thank you for everything! Hope you have a wonderful week! Best Wishes, Weimin
    Weimin, New York[USA] - 22th/Feb/2017

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

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Jade articles have played a very important part in the ancient Chinese civilization and the Chinese jade culture has a splendid history which is as long as seven thousand years. Jade symbolizes good luck, peace and happiness in China, which are all the people yearn for. There are two kinds of jade from the hardness. One is the soft jade which is originated from Xinjiang, China. The other is the hard jade which is originated from Myanmar. Besides, jade can be used for medical purpose. Jade can help resist heat stroke and help blood run smoothly. Thus, we have a proverb as "Gold is valuable, jade is invaluable".

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Jade Articles
Modern research has shown us that jade is renowned for its benefits to health as it has different mineral elements, including zinc, magnesium, iron and copper. Wearing and using jewelry (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, finger rings, jade pillow seats and other jade products) is not only beautiful and practical, but when it's constantly moving against your skin and acupuncture points, it can clear the meridians and help to enhance blood circulation so as to prevent and treat diseases and conserve health. It is believed that it is very useful as an amulet. Did you know that jade is alive? The normal temperature of the human body is about 37 degrees centigrade and this constant temperature can change the molecular motion of jade. Jade articles become clearer and smoother after a long time of wearing them. This is why we call people dependent on jade and jade dependent on people. It's normal for jadeite jade to be cloudy and their patterns are unique to each piece. Due to the lipophilicity, the jadeite jade is nourished by the oils in the owner's perspiration and it can also be exceedingly beneficial to keep jade close to your skin. Of course, wearing jade is rich in aesthetics. How do you choose jade jewelry? We recommend wearing the Zi Jade of Lantian and Hetian Jade. It originates from underwater and is very beneficial to human breathing and temperature. "Jade is alive" means someone was never without jade. Over time you may find it's alive, has warmth, is wet or resonates with your thoughts. Yes, this is entirely possible. The human body is a constant temperature regulator... the green silkiness of the jade will grow deeper and more intense depending on the temperature. There is also a range of subtler shifts for the background color of some varieties of jade. In other words, for humans, jade is their second life force. In a traditional way, jade is of two types: soft jade, known as nephrite, which is native to China and hard jade, known as jadeite, which was imported from Burma starting in the 1200's. Jadeite is much harder than nephrite. Jade's value is determined by its color, so the uniformity of the emerald color will cause it to have a higher value. According to the ancient history of jade, fine jade in Chinese refers to nephrite and is also called true jade. Examples of this jade are white jade, gray jade, green jade and dark jade. It is clear that the two kinds of jade contrast their different attributes... the hard jade does not have a great deal of variety, but the nephrite in some indefinable way is spiritual. This is how jade speaks to us. The value of the jade is dependent on its physical properties and because of these properties people put a high value on jade.

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