• You have beautiful dresses! I will order again soon. Thank you for the beautiful designs of evening dresses and also gorgeous chinese dresses. (For next order, next time I would like to order the black Chinese dress that is advertised first - product code GDR1056).
    Sandi , Gibsonia[United States] - 19th/Oct/2018

  • hank you so much for all of your help and your wonderful customer service. GoodOrient truly does hire the best people to represent their company~
    Kelly, South Carolina[USA] - 17th/Oct/2018

  • I just wanted to thank you!! The items arrived the day before the birthday party, and my daughters LOVED them! Thank you so much for your personal attention and help in getting them here in time. Sincerely
    Kristina, Brooklyn[USA] - 12th/Oct/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Jade Decoration

According to Chinese Feng Shui, a jade may be as a talisman to put in your house and bring you good luck and fortune. This jade ornament is carved peach. The peach is the traditional Chinese symbol of longevity. It was the peach that gave immortality to the Immortals and was the elixir of life to the Taoist. It is also a symbol for marriage, spring and immortality. The peach tree of the Gods was said to blossom once every 3000 years and the fruit of eternal life took another 3000 years to ripen. Jade carving dates back to the late Old Stone Age. By the late New Stone Age, jade ornaments such as bi (pierced disc), zhui (pendants), earrings and beads had appeared. In the Shang and Zhou dynasties (11th century B.C.-256B.C), jade articles were used as ritual objects and symbols of personal morality or political authority. Jade has been cherished by the Chinese as a symbol of many virtues. Its hardness suggests firmness and loyalty, and its luster projects purity and beauty. Typical of jade carving are flowers, birds, animals, vases, incense burners, and human figures, especially beautiful women from popular fairy tales and legends. The skill of the craftsman is shown in his ability to make the best use of the natural color and the shape of the raw material.

Jade Pillow Cover
USD $43.38  
Jade Standing  Horse Decoration
USD $38.03  
Jade Wealth Toad Decoration
USD $18.76  
Jade Wealth Toad Decoration
USD $30.53  
Jade Kitty Decoration
USD $15.55  
Five Rats Brings Treasures Jade Decoration
USD $467.09  
Small Jade Decoration Series---Kylin
USD $34.81  
Small Jade Decoration Series---Standing Horse
USD $34.81  
Pied Magpie Bringing Good Fortune Jade Decoration
USD $352.60  
Jade Dragon Decoration
USD $405.03  
Fish Springing Jade Decoration
USD $278.78  
Dragon Boat Jade Decoration
USD $1,007.44  
Mandarin Duck Jade Decoration
USD $454.25  
Jade Duck Decoration
USD $38.03  
Jade Pillow Cover
USD $38.03  
Jade Guan Yin Figurine
USD $38.03  
Treasures Fill the Home Jade Decoration
USD $467.09  
Treasure Axe Protecting Home Jade Decoration
USD $396.48  
Eight Leaping Horses Jade Decoration
USD $1,163.66  
Deep Sentiment Between Mother and Child
USD $233.83  
Longevity Peach Jade Decoration
USD $233.83  
Jade Jumping Carp Decoration
USD $233.83  
Wish You Boundless Happiness and A Long Long Life Jade Decoration
USD $699.28  
Happy Buddha Jade Decoration
USD $653.28  

Jade Decoration

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