• Hello Chris, My order had arrived yesterday and I am surprised by the fast delivery ! Everything was in good condition and was packaged well ! I\'m glad to see a difference from my last order ! I will be sure to order from Good Orient again.
    Jennifer, Alberta [ Canada ] - 2nd,May.2018

  • Dear Chris, I am happy to report that I received the Shining Silk Magnificent Shirt on Friday. I am very pleased with it. It is exactly what I ordered. Thank you.
    Michael, Saint Cloud [United States] - 9th/Apr/2018

  • Chris: The \"T\" shirt came today. It is terrific!! Thank you so much for your effort. I look forward to doing business with Goodoreint in the future.
    Richard , Castine[USA] - 2nd,Feb.2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Kung Fu Suits

Kung Fu is one of the typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture. It is a sport which utilizes both brawn and brain. The theory of kung fu is based upon classical Chinese philosophy, while the skills of kung fu consist of various forms of fighting: fist fights, weapon fights, and other fighting routines (such as kicking, hitting, throwing, holding, chopping and thrusting) and unarmed combats. Here, we provide the suitable and comfortable kung fu suits to help you make progress and improvements in kung fu practices. Every kung fu suit is already marked with a deep discount without sacrificing the quality. Scroll down to find your favorite dress now.

Chinese Blessing Matching Kungfu Suit--Gold Yellow
USD $39.99  
Chinese Blessing Matching Kungfu Suit--White
USD $39.99  
Chinese Blessing Matching Kungfu Suit--Wine Red
USD $39.99  
Chinese Blessing Matching Kungfu Suit--Blue
USD $39.99  
Chinese Blessing Matching Kungfu Suit--Black
USD $39.99  
Chinese Blessing Kungfu Matching Suit
Was: $82.99
Now: $45.64   ( 45% off)
Handsome Simple Chinese Kungfu Suit
Was: $88.99
Now: $48.94   ( 45% off)
Classical White Chinese Kungfu Suit
Was: $66.99
Now: $50.24   ( 25% off)

Chinese Embroidery Buddhist meditation Clothing
Was: $99.99
Now: $59.99   ( 40% off)
Fashionable Short Sleeves Chinese Kungfu Suit
Was: $82.99
Now: $62.24   ( 25% off)
Chinese Dragon Series Kungfu Matching Suit
Was: $95.99
Now: $62.39   ( 35% off)
Handsome Short Sleeves Chinese Kungfu Suit
Was: $88.99
Now: $66.74   ( 25% off)
Chinese Cotton&Linen Kungfu Matching Suit
Was: $88.99
Now: $66.74   ( 25% off)
Chinese Embroidery Dragon Kungfu Matching suit
Was: $88.99
Now: $66.74   ( 25% off)
Asian Style Dragon Pattern kungfu Matching Suit
Was: $88.99
Now: $66.74   ( 25% off)
chinese style beige short sleeves matching set
Was: $137.99
Now: $69.00   ( 50% off)
Oriental Style Simple Chinese Kungfu Suit
Was: $106.99
Now: $74.89   ( 30% off)
White Kungfu Matching Set
USD $80.92  
Handsome Kungfu Matching Sets For Men-Yellow
Was: $98.99
Now: $84.14   ( 15% off)
Darkblue Chinese Linen Suits
USD $89.40  
Light Sky Blue Chinese Linen Suits
USD $89.40  
Oriental Kungfu Matching Sets For Men-Sky Blue
Was: $105.99
Now: $90.09   ( 15% off)
Pure white silk matching set
Was: $130.99
Now: $91.69   ( 30% off)
Handsome white satin matching set
Was: $132.99
Now: $93.09   ( 30% off)

Kung Fu Suits
Ok, you have all of those great movies with Kung Fu fighters. They always seems to be wearing a Kung fu uniform with a lot of style and substance. It just looks cool. This is called a Kung Fu suit. It's unique style is both vintage and nouveau chic. Imagine looking both noveau and vintage at the same time. That's what Kung Fu suits do for you. Kung Fu suits have a rich and varied history, but that's not important when you are looking for fashion. You want something that looks and feels good. You want a style that is second to none and you want it to be unique. Kung fu suits for men is just what you are looking for. You can get your kung fu jacket is different colors. You can choose to have embroidered designs or go with a simple solid color Kung Fu uniform. It's all about finding a Kung Fu uniform that fits your own personal style and with Good Orient and their selection of men dress suits, you know you are getting the highest quality Chinese Jacket you can find. Why buy a Kung Fu suit? They look good. You know it. It's such a unique. Show up at the club or a party wearing one an people will want to know where you got it. They know its unique style is just what they've been looking for. You are right now at the best place to find great looking Kung Fu suits. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the styles are tempting, and the designs are fabulous. Good Orient is the place to find great looking Kung Fu Uniform.

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