• Please note that I have received my package and will like to thank you for everything that you have done. I know now who to come to when I need ancient goods. Look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!
    Cheryl, Methuen[USA] - 12th/Nov/2018

  • Dear Chris, I received the jacket today and I am speechless - it is really lovely! I believe I will enjoy wearing it. Thanks a million!
    Wayne, London [UK] - 2nd/Nov/2018

  • Good Evening Chris: Just wanted to let you know that I have received the jacket. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. Please give my thanks and praise to the ones who worked to make this garment so beautiful and precious for me. Take care Chris and one again many thanks.
    Ann, ONTARIO[CANADA] - 23th/Oct/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Long Gown

Many people have learned a lot of elements of Chinese martial arts from the Kungfu movies,the Kungfu long gown is very popular.The collection lovers must not miss!Of course as daily clothes is also good choose.Cutting is fine, material is soft, to satisfy different dressing requirements.Our carefully crafted long gown feature updated styling, contemporary models, and elegant silhouettes. Be a legendary hero today with these flowing asian long gowns.

Oriental Black Color Men's Long Gown
Was: $109.46
Now: $54.73   ( 50% off)
Chinese Style Grey Color Men's Clothing
Was: $253.99
Now: $203.19   ( 20% off)
Black Cashmere Long Chinese Clothing
Was: $126.84
Now: $99.99   ( 21% off)
Asian Style Black Color Men's Clothing
Was: $295.99
Now: $236.79   ( 20% off)
Traditional Black Color Men's Long Gown
Was: $109.46
Now: $54.73   ( 50% off)
Stylish Dark Blue Men's Long Gown
Was: $274.99
Now: $219.99   ( 20% off)
Distinctive Grey Color Chinese Clothing
Was: $295.99
Now: $236.79   ( 20% off)
Traditional Dark Blue Men's Jacket
Was: $295.99
Now: $236.79   ( 20% off)
Unique Original Design Chinese Long Gown
Was: $453.99
Now: $363.19   ( 20% off)
Chinese New Style Men's Long Gown
Was: $412.99
Now: $330.39   ( 20% off)
Grass Green Long Chinese Clothing
USD $87.24  
Russian Blue Long Chinese Clothing
USD $90.46  
Trendy Blue Color Chinese Clothing
Was: $205.99
Now: $164.79   ( 20% off)
Dragon Icon Long Chinese Clothing
USD $114.00  
Chic Drak Blue Color Men's Long Gown
Was: $274.99
Now: $219.99   ( 20% off)
Handsome Blue Color Men's Clothing
Was: $481.99
Now: $385.59   ( 20% off)
Ethnic Black Chinese Men's Long Gown
Was: $226.99
Now: $181.59   ( 20% off)
Beige Kungfu Long Chinese Clothing
USD $86.18  
Buddhist Robe Of Shaolin Temple --- Yellow
USD $96.88  
Mysterious Black Taoist Robe
USD $90.46  
Magical Black Dragon Silk Long Chinese Clothing
USD $102.24  
Gentle White Silk Long Chinese Clothing
USD $106.52  
White Robe And Black Taoist Suit
USD $101.16  
China Red Golden Dragon Pattern Long Chinese Clothing
USD $137.00  

Long Gown
Long gowns are known to be very elegant,stylish and glamorous dress for special occasions. Chinese long gowns are simple yet elegant, refined and sexy. Its stylish cut enables a very attractive and comfortable fit. With the kind of fabrics we are using, our Chinese long gowns are one of the best products that we offer. Our long gown products come in different styles. With different styles and colors to choose from you will definitely find one that will really suit you and your personality. These Chinese long gowns for men are hot seller long gowns. From our White Classic Cuff Long gown to our Elegant white gown,you will have the chance to show the unique person you are. Chinese long gowns are not limited to Chinese people. It has become part of most Hollywood personalities' wardrobes.These long gowns bring out the other side of the person wearing the gowns.Chinese long gowns can be seen in many Chinese TV shows, and in many Chinese-language films thus making it more popular around the world. Long gowns are worn by legend heroes. Legend hero gowns can be seen in most Chinese television shows and movies.The choices of our long gowns will make you feel like a reincarnated legend hero. Chinese long gowns for men have the ability to show off the elegant side of men. Chinese long gown is considered to be a very important dress in China. But as time goes by it is now worn by most people as an occasion costumes.

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