• I have recommened GoodOrient to a friend. I had a chinese blouse made by my measurements; I went to a talor to do this, to get my correct measurements. The blouse came about three weeks later. Beautiful fit and looks just like the picture!!
    Rachel, Illinois[USA] - 19/Oct/2014

  • Thanks, guys!I was very pleased with the quality and how quickly it was shipped. I used custom fitting and everything was perfect!
    Allie, Beringstedt[Germany] - 17/Oct/2014

  • Very very happyyyy i just received my dress it\'s like in the pictures and it was send very fast ,faster then i was thinking.Thank you very much GoodOrient :)
    Kelly, Alabama[USA] - 16/Oct/2014

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Hand-embroidery Clothing

  • Good Orient has carefully chosen a series of luxurious and exquisite hand-embroidered clothes for our customers. Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Chinese art and culture. From the magnificent Dragon Robe worn by emperors to the popular embroidery seen in today's fashions, embroidery adds so much beauty and pleasure to our life and culture. The oldest embroidered work in China on record dates from the Shang Dynasty and it has a long history of thousands of years.
  • The craft of embroidery is very popular between 14th century and the beginning of the 20th century. It is extensively applied for religion and household-use articles such as Buddhist statues, tobacco bags, wallets, pillow cases and table cloth and dress. The patterns of embroidery cover a larger range, from sun, moon, stars, mountains, dragons, and phoenix to tiger, flower and grass, clouds and geometric figures. Auspicious words are also fashionable and these patterns are widely used in the embroidered works.
  • Chinese embroidery has four main traditional styles: Suzhou embroidery (Su Xiu), Hunan embroidery (Xiang Xiu), Guangdong embroidery (Yue Xiu) and Sichuan embroidery (Shu Xiu). All of them are nominated as Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  • Red Hand Embroidered Peony Vest USD $182.48   Moon Lover Hand Embroidered Navy Long Jacket USD $352.60   Flying Butterfly Greeting Princess Embroidered Long Jacket USD $432.60   Splendid Golden Thread Embroidered Dragon Long Jacket USD $352.60  
    Blooming Flower Embroidered Princess Long Jacket USD $379.35   Blooming Flower Embroidered Queen Long Jacket USD $474.17   Mid-night Blue Peony Embroidered Long Jacket USD $379.35   Morning Peony Embroidered Long Jacket USD $379.35  
    Royal Blue & Golden Phoenix Queen Long Jacket USD $379.35   Longevity Crane & Pine Tree Embroidered Long Jacket USD $379.35   Golden Dragon Embroidered Red Long Vest USD $433.20   Royal Peony & Phoenix Embroidered Bright Yellow Long Jacket For Queen USD $352.60  
    Royal Blue Handmade Embroidered Cotton-padded Coat USD $604.06   China Red Handmade Embroidered Cotton-padded Coat USD $604.06   Black Handmade Embroidered Cotton-padded Coat USD $604.06   Colored Phoenix and Blooming Peony Handmade Embroidered Coat -- Blue USD $604.06  
    Hand Embroidered Peony Blouse USD $695.99   Hand Embroidered Peony Blouse USD $608.99   Hand Embroidered Peony Cheongsam USD $1,158.99  

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