• I have recommened GoodOrient to a friend. I had a chinese blouse made by my measurements; I went to a talor to do this, to get my correct measurements. The blouse came about three weeks later. Beautiful fit and looks just like the picture!!
    Rachel, Illinois[USA] - 19/Oct/2014

  • Thanks, guys!I was very pleased with the quality and how quickly it was shipped. I used custom fitting and everything was perfect!
    Allie, Beringstedt[Germany] - 17/Oct/2014

  • Very very happyyyy i just received my dress it\'s like in the pictures and it was send very fast ,faster then i was thinking.Thank you very much GoodOrient :)
    Kelly, Alabama[USA] - 16/Oct/2014

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Pajamas & Sleepwear

Chinese Pajamas & Sleepwear are famous for its comfortable feel and the traditional design. We goodorient.com combine the high quality silk with the Chinese features together to provide you the best pajamas & sleepwear on the internet. Most of them are designed in Chinese character with delicate embroidery on them. Not only the amazing Chinese stylish appearance, but also the hand-feel of high quality silk. If you are deeply in love with comfortable family life, our Chinese pajamas & sleepwear are the best choice.

Red Kimono Robe Was: $49.80
Now: $32.37   ( 35% off)
Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Black USD $43.38   Fu Lu Shou Twin Dragons Men Robe Was: $63.70
Now: $38.22   ( 40% off)
Peaceful White Robe USD $63.70  
White Linen Sleepwear USD $96.88   Longevity and Happiness Robe USD $78.68   Fresh Green Floral Robe USD $78.68   Blue Long Robe Was: $63.70
Now: $50.96   ( 20% off)
Chinese Calligraphy Series Robe---Navy USD $43.38   Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Cyan USD $43.38   Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Plum USD $43.38   Blessing Navy Robe USD $75.48  
Red Calligraphy Robe USD $78.68   Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Navy USD $43.38   Peaceful Cotton Pajama Suits USD $92.59   Peaceful Cotton Pants USD $49.79  
White Linen Sleepwear---Pants USD $49.79   Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Medium Blue USD $43.38   Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Hunter Green USD $43.38   Chinese Calligraphy Series Robe---Red USD $43.38  
Dark Red Dragonfly Robe USD $78.68   Peaceful Cotton Pajama USD $65.84   White Linen Sleepwear---Nighty USD $69.05   Dragon & Phoenix Series Robe---Pink USD $43.38  

Pajamas & Sleepwear

Silky and smooth, with masculine power motifs embroidered into the material. These robes will make lounging around the house a stylish pastime.

With a comfortable night comes a comfortable night sleep. The best way to have a comfortable night is with quality, elegant sleepwear. Chinese Robes & Pajamas have a reputable for being as stylish as they are comfortable. They have a certain style that is all their own and with a sleek comfort that is second to none, it's not surprising how popular they are for just lounging around.

A embroidered bath robe may be one of the best pieces of clothing you may ever buy and Good Orient is here to steer you in the right direction with the best embroidery and feel. Many of our robes are made out of silk. We all know how silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics you can find so it is not surprising that Good Orient focuses on providing the very best in men silk robes.

You can chose from many different styles of robes and pajamas. Your choice simply depends on your desires in a robe. You do want a robe that will be compatible with you because if you have that special harmony, you will sleep much better and that means you will wake up even more relaxed.

Now is your chance to be like the countless others who have decided to get a comfortable night sleep with Chinese robes and pajamas. You'll be amazed at how you will feel like when you are not worried or bogged down in stress. That's what a great night sleep can do for you when you start with a quality sleep prayer.

Aesthetically pleasing, lounge around the house with our very supple and sultry range of robes!

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Our Email: support_department@goodorient.com
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