• Hi Chris Just a short note to say thankyou to you and the tailors, my jacket fitted perfectly. Regards
    Malcolm, Devon [United Kingdom (Great Britain)] - 12th/July/2018

  • Very lovely fabric! Shipped faster than I thought with no issues. Would buy from again. Thanks!
    Florence Guedj, California[USA] - 9th/July/2018

  • Great!! I can tell you that I am delighted: date and delivery respected, the dress is consistent with the photo I made the choice of tailor made it very well adjusted .
    Duda Teixeira, San Francisco[USA] - 2nd/July/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


Our carefully crafted trousers feature updated styling, contemporary models, and elegant silhouettes.So silky smooth, it's hard to believe these shirts are made from easy-care, wrinkle resistant cotton blend! Lightweight pique is soft and supple for a comfortable,shrinkage is minimal.They are lustrous in color, supple, light, warm and comfortable to wear.These are not just garments for leisure wear, but for an active lifestyle.

Baggy Elastic Waist Oversize Pants
Was: $56.99
Now: $37.04   ( 35% off)
Baggy Elastic Waist Oversize Pants
Was: $57.99
Now: $37.69   ( 35% off)
Japanese Baggy Elastic Waist Oversize Pants
Was: $57.99
Now: $37.69   ( 35% off)
Asian Style Cotton Kungfu Pants
USD $37.99  
 Black Taffeta Kungfu Pants
USD $38.04  
Original Style Cotton Kungfu Pants
Was: $51.99
Now: $38.99   ( 25% off)
Baggy Elastic Waist Oversize Pants
Was: $61.99
Now: $40.29   ( 35% off)
New Style Chinese Kungfu Pants
Was: $54.99
Now: $41.24   ( 25% off)
Pure Snow White Kungfu Pants
USD $43.38  
Shining Khaki Taffeta Matching Pants
USD $44.46  
Chinese Style Cotton Kungfu Pants
USD $44.99  
Fashionable Chinese Kungfu Pants
USD $44.99  
Intriguing Chinese Kungfu Pants
Was: $60.99
Now: $45.74   ( 25% off)
Simple Chinese Kungfu Pants--White
Was: $60.99
Now: $45.74   ( 25% off)
White Cotton Kungfu Pants
USD $46.60  
Chinese Linen Taiji Pants
USD $46.60  
Noble Yellow Silk Taiji Pants
USD $46.60  
Olive Green Linen Kungfu Pants
USD $46.60  
Oriental Style Cotton Kungfu Pants
USD $46.99  
Baggy Elastic Waist Oversize Pants
Was: $72.99
Now: $47.44   ( 35% off)
Chinese Emboridery Crane shirt
Was: $73.99
Now: $48.09   ( 35% off)
Shining Grey Thai Silk Pants
USD $48.74  
Cream Cotton Kungfu Pants
USD $48.74  
Darkblue Chinese Linen Pants
USD $48.74  

Chinese Silk pants are some of the best pants you can buy. Men silk pants are very durable and do last a while if they are maintained and kept relevant. The timeless classic look of these Chinese pants will never go away. They are a part of Chinese culture and lore and you can represent this every time you wear a pair of the silk pants. Good Orient has many different styles to choose from. You can choose a relaxing comfort of a pair of Chinese calligraphy pants. These pants are one of a kind and really show a depth of Chinese culture. You can chose a pair of sporty Kung Fu pants. Popularized as the style that true Kung Fu masters use, it is now synonymous with all things Chinese. The sporty style is at home wherever you feel comfortable wearing them. People will always know you made a great fashion decision. What are you waiting for? If you are serious about taking on a great new fashion and showing the world just how you look in this great style, now is the time to exhibit great fashion sense with a great pair of Chinese pants.

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