• Greetings to you!I have received the dress and I must say we love the dress. Thank you so much! Can\\\'t wait to get the bride to fit into the dress. Thank you so much.
    Dolarose , Boroko[Papua New Guinea] - 23/Nov/2015

  • Greetings Chris, I want to thank you and your work team for the beautiful jacket I received! You delivered as promised and more. The jacket fits perfectly!!! I am looking forward to wearing the jacket during our holiday events in December. I am sure many of my friends will be very interested in your company\'s products once they see the jacket. The best news is I can tell them your customer service is excellent so they can be assured in ordering overseas. Thank you so much for everything you did to make this a very successful experience!
    Sheila, Mesa[United States] - 18/Nov/2015

  • Dear Chris:We appreciate your extra effort to assure everything worked out right in the end. When we had an issue with our order, you did not hesitate to cooperate in working with us under a tight timeline to correct it. Not only is your product of high quality, but so is your service. Thank you for standing behind your product with such diligence and honor. We are very pleased and look forward to other opportunities to work with you.
    Michelle, Maryland[United States] - 12/Nov/2015

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


The pants is relaxed, you can wear at home, in office, while travelling or in outdoor environmnet. Show relaxant and curve stature more stylish and elegant.Simplicity and functional styling. These pants will look great with any ensemble.The eastern poetic charm , magic power is endless , tasty out of the ordinary .Such unique style will attracted many people's attention,you will become Stylish trendsetters.

Classy Black Brocade  Pants USD $55.14   Polite White Pants USD $44.44   Black Chiffon Loose Pants USD $62.64   Comfortable White Pants USD $54.08  
Leisurely Dark Red Pants USD $51.94   Golden Waist Dragon Pants USD $59.44   Shining Dragon Pants USD $62.64   Pure White Frog Button Pants USD $55.14  
Black Floral Pants USD $59.44   Sexy Velvet Pants USD $55.14   White Icecream Pants USD $49.80   Hot Pink Chiffon Pants USD $51.94  
Black Chiffon Pants USD $49.80   Beautiful Country Pants USD $51.94   Stylish Double Collar Pants USD $59.44   Heroine Pale Yellow Pants USD $51.94  
Golden Floral Pants USD $62.64   Golden Waist Tied Pants USD $53.00   Cool Summer Pants USD $49.80   Clear Kungfu Pants USD $49.80  
Yellow Kungfu Pants USD $51.94   Office Lady Thin Wool + Terylene Trousers USD $62.64   Charlie's Chinese Angel Satin Trousers USD $49.80   White & Black Yoga Pants USD $50.88  

Simplicity and functional styling. Chinese pants have a such a unique style, they deserve their own special category. Chinese pants are very comfortable and very good at wrapping yourself in a feeling of luxury, all encompassing as your body feels the continual comfort. Imagine the style that our Hot Pink chiffon pants can give you. They've got a great color and a nice look that can complement your favorite blouse and give you just the style you are yearning for. Chinese pants have some of the best styles out there. For years, Chinese women have shown their elegance and femininity. Their clothes have highlighted their style. Silk pants feel great when you put them on, they seem to be perfect for any occasion. They give you a relaxed look that gently hugs your body in just the right places to make you feel sexy and elegant. Woman silk pants like the Shining Dragon pants can give you just the look you have been craving. You get a look that shouts out that you have fashion sensibilities and know what looks good on you. With a great looking blouse, you can create the perfect set that gives you the exact style you desire. You can choose between loose fitting pants that lightly hug in you the right places or you can find a pair of pants that accentuate every part of your figure. You want to look good and you deserve it. You know a great pair of Chinese pants can help you get just the style you want to make people take notice. There's no need to wait, you are just a few clicks away from satisfying your desires and getting a great pair of woman silk pants from Good Orient.

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