• I want to say that I am delighted with the jackets and blouses I have bought from you. When ever I wear one of them I get so many complements. I always tell people \"Go on line Good Orient.com\" thank you so much!
    Valerie, Rochdale[UK] - 21/July/2014

  • I got the costume yesterday. I find it is very beautiful and of very good quality, I tried it and it fits me perfectly, I really like it!So I thank you again, for this great job!
    Kwenda, Ohio[USA] - 20/July/2014

  • Received order today. It is excellent! Perfect fit! Excellent workmanship!Look forward to ordering more clothing.
    Kate, Darling Point[Australia] - 18/July/2014

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.

Silk Brocade

Beautiful silk brocade fabrics in a variety of rich, colors, patterns and detail. Woven with metallic threads, these fabrics are 30" wide. Suitable for garments, art quilts, home decorating and upholstery projects. The china brocades are woven in small communities that have a rich tradition of silk weaving. The symbols and patterns are a part of their heritage and history. This exotic flavour brocade dress in graceful navy color with beautiful Chinese cherry blossom pattern will surely be eye-catching for any hottest occasions in town

Bird & Flower Fabric USD $21.98   Leaf & Flower Fabric USD $21.98   Feather Fabric USD $18.76   Peacock Fabric USD $21.98  
Golden Lucky Floral Fabric USD $18.76   Floral Fabric USD $21.98   Green Peony + Phoenix Fabric USD $19.83   Plum Blossom Fabric USD $21.98  
Dark Brown Magpie and Peony Silk Brocade Fabric USD $18.76   Dark Green Floral Silk Brocade Fabric USD $18.76   Lilac Peony Fabric USD $18.76   Dragon & Chinese Fu Fabric USD $21.98  
Dragon & Flower Fabric USD $21.98   Fuchsia Rose Fabric USD $18.76   Black Dragon Fabric USD $18.76   Plum Blossom Fabric USD $21.98  
Dragon & Phoenix Fabric USD $21.98   Dragon & Flower Fabric USD $21.98   Dragon & Flower Fabric USD $21.98   Delicate Gold Butterfly Brocade Fabric USD $19.99  
Bamboo leaf Fabric USD $21.98   Plum Blossom Fabric USD $21.98   Silvery Blue Butterfly Fabric USD $18.76   Dragon & Flower Fabric USD $21.98  

Silk Brocade

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