• Please note that I have received my package and will like to thank you for everything that you have done. I know now who to come to when I need ancient goods. Look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again!
    Cheryl, Methuen[USA] - 12th/Nov/2018

  • Dear Chris, I received the jacket today and I am speechless - it is really lovely! I believe I will enjoy wearing it. Thanks a million!
    Wayne, London [UK] - 2nd/Nov/2018

  • Good Evening Chris: Just wanted to let you know that I have received the jacket. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. Please give my thanks and praise to the ones who worked to make this garment so beautiful and precious for me. Take care Chris and one again many thanks.
    Ann, ONTARIO[CANADA] - 23th/Oct/2018

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chinese dress
chinese dress
Are you looking for captivating chinese dress selections? GoodOrient has them all.


Feminine and comfortable. Asian patterns and styling keeps these skirts looking fresh and timeless. Modern sense, close to lives, inimitable designs in different occasions are our product's distinct traits,to show the elegant oriental magic from the life.It makes come from the eastern magic power to even show the prosper to permit stylish, that is cultured, noble, detached breathing, relaxed highly respectable living state of mind.

Dhaulagiri Nepal Women's Dress
Was: $138.99
Now: $97.29   ( 30% off)
Manaslu Nepal Women's Dress
Was: $113.99
Now: $79.79   ( 30% off)
Hot in the City Skirt
Was: $149.00
Now: $104.30   ( 30% off)
Sacred Sutras Women's Skirt
Was: $53.00
Now: $39.75   ( 25% off)
China Red Seductive Skirt
Was: $63.00
Now: $47.25   ( 25% off)
Breathing Fire Women's Skirt
Was: $76.00
Now: $57.00   ( 25% off)
Bohemian style flower patter dress
Was: $134.99
Now: $94.49   ( 30% off)
Mukti color with peony pattern chiffon dress
Was: $213.99
Now: $128.39   ( 40% off)
Stunning unique design  silk design
Was: $282.99
Now: $169.79   ( 40% off)
Attractive green chiffon dress
Was: $248.99
Now: $149.39   ( 40% off)
Excellent exquisite embroidery dress
Was: $306.99
Now: $184.19   ( 40% off)
Elegance colourful design dress
Was: $190.99
Now: $133.69   ( 30% off)
Fashionanble irregular design skirt
Was: $173.99
Now: $121.79   ( 30% off)
Excellent with dragon pattern of dress
Was: $231.99
Now: $139.19   ( 40% off)
Fantastic exquisite embroidery skirt
Was: $148.99
Now: $104.29   ( 30% off)
Stunning Color matching  embroidery dress
Was: $164.99
Now: $115.49   ( 30% off)
Drape design of silk embroidery skirt
Was: $205.99
Now: $123.59   ( 40% off)
Chiffon skirt with double layer
Was: $170.99
Now: $119.69   ( 30% off)
Bohemian style with small flower pattern of dress
Was: $144.99
Now: $101.49   ( 30% off)
Elegance bump color stitching dress
Was: $155.99
Now: $109.19   ( 30% off)
Bohemian style with floral pattern dresss
Was: $137.99
Now: $96.59   ( 30% off)
Unique irregular patchwork of dress
Was: $168.99
Now: $118.29   ( 30% off)
Excellent embroidery peacock pattern skirt
Was: $132.99
Now: $93.09   ( 30% off)
Nepal classical black long skirt
Was: $137.99
Now: $96.59   ( 30% off)

Our Chinese Skirts are feminine and sexy, while still being modest. Classical Chinese patterns include plum blossoms, the traditional Fu and Shou pattern (often incorporated in traditional Chinese customs) or a dragon (the most powerful and divine creature in Chinese culture) pattern. Our Asian Skirts are timeless and demonstrate China's rich history. Many of our skirts come in red, a colour that symbolizes happiness, harmony and peace to the Chinese people. Other colours such as plum, blue and white among others are also available. High-waisted cuts as well as hip hugging designs make Chinese Skirts perfect for women of all ages. Women's skirt come a different lengths ranging from just above the knee to floor length meaning that you can use them through the year, whether in winter or summer. Chinese Skirts from Good Orient come in light, breezy fabrics such as chiffon and linen perfect for spring and summer. Heavier fabrics like brocade and velveteen are a great option for winter wear and add a touch of happiness to dreary winter days. Whether worn during hot summer months or cold winter days, our Asian Skirts are a great way to brighten up your wardrobe. Skirts are naturally very feminine and our Chinese Skirts are alluring and sensual. Asian Skirts provide you with a fresh, feminine look during the day At night, you're sure to stand out in the crowd and will turn heads with the exquisite cut and colour of our Chinese Skirts. No matter when worn, our Chinese Skirts will be sure to get many compliments.

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Our Email: inquiry@goodorient.com
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