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GoodOrient now offers you the chance to import our full range of exotic Eastern goods at attractive wholesale prices! Simply register as a wholesale member and submit your registration form to us for review. Upon successful review and approval of your wholesale membership status, you will gain be able to access to our wholesale section and place wholesale orders.

Unlike other wholesale vendors who require you to order X amounts of a certain design, GoodOrient places no restriction on quantities you would like to order. You can order 100, 10 or just 1 pc of a particular design if you prefer. This means you can afford to purchase a unlimited variety of designs and offer your customers a wider range of product selections, without having to risk unnecessary inventory.

Please Note!! For first time customers of GoodOrient.com, we recommend you contact our customer service department with regards to your wholesale inquiry, or make a sample order first, before you place a bulk order, as wholesale orders are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-EXCHANGABLE! This is due to the extremely low profit margin nature of our service, we hope that we can have your understanding.

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Final Note:

For wholesale orders, we require a $500 minimum checkout in wholesale items for first time buyers and $300 minimum checkout for subsequent repeat orders.

Please note that wholesale memberships are valid only for business entities and GoodOrient reserves the right to refuse any application of wholesale membership by individuals.