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Welcome to our registration page. If you are an existing retail customer (already have a regular account), we encourage you to create an additional account with a new email, so that you may use your regular account when purchasing items for yourself or friend, and the amount is less than $200.

- use a name that is similar to your existing login.
   ie. jondoeb2b, jondoe_ws, etc.

- Please fill in all required fields(red highlighted area). If your form contains error, you will be rediredted back to this page to re-fill the missing details.
- Our passwords are case-sensitive!
- P

Username & Password
  1. Between 6-10 characters. Case sensitive. Only use A-Z and 0-9
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The password must be different from the username. It is strongly recommended to use passwords of 5 or more characters.

E-mail address must be valid because it will be used for communication purposes (order notifications, etc).