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Silk Fabric

Friday, February 1st, 2019

Everyone has a feeling silk fabric, the soft and light texture is unparalleled, and the good one will be vertical like a waterfall without wrinkles. In fact, the culture of silk fabric is much more than we know. There are a variety of silk types. It is necessary to learn to distinguish silk from different aspects so that we can understand silk culture more.

silk fabric

Silk fabric types:

1.Pure Silk is the most expensive, because the raw materials are pure natural silk; the natural fiber contained in silk is mainly silk fiber. It is a continuous long fiber which is solidified by the silk secretion of silkworm. It is also called natural silk. It is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans, including pure silk, ramie silk, cassava silk and so on.

2.Rayon silk is also a kind of silk, its composition is a mixture of artificial silk;

3.Synthetic fiber is made of synthetic fiber with a certain softness of silk;

4. Interwoven silk is mixed with two or more raw materials, which are relatively inexpensive.

silk fabric

There are many well-known silk brands in China, such as Kaixiya, Wanshili and Aurora. Kaixiya is the national silk of G20, high quality silk; Wanshili has developed rapidly in recent years. Due to different product positioning and high quality, Aurora is the brand of the 80-nation ambassador platform. The quality and design can be compared with Hermes in fashion stage.

Ancient China has strict etiquette system. In ancient society, silk itself was a symbol of nobility and identity, while cotton and linen fabrics were the clothing of ordinary people.

silk fabric

Dragon pattern is also a special motif in the emperor’s costumes. Judging from historical records and archaeological excavations, the dragon pattern has been used in emperor costumes at the latest in Liao Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, the five-clawed dragon was dedicated to the emperor’s costume, while the smaller three-jawed dragon can still be used for general occasions. From the Ming Dynasty, there are the differences between the five-clawed dragon and the four-clawed dragonfly, as well as the flying fish and bullfighting, which are very similar to the dragon. In addition to the five-clawed dragon, the dragonfly, the flying fish and the bullfighting are used for gifting.

Today, silk fabric is not only one of the main materials for people to make clothing, but also one of the exquisite and luxurious high-end crafts and materials for making other crafts.

The development of the continuous advancement of silk weaving technology not only make the variety of silk fabrics increasingly rich, but also its use is expanding. We believe that this kind of process will not stop, so the ancient Chinese invention of silk will surely have new development.

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The Rise of HanFu

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

A few years ago, there was a retro style in the society, and some antique costumes were also applied. Most of these costumes care about its beauty, and similarly, the appearance is beautiful, well-made clothes, in ancient times, ordinary The people’s home is not to be worn, of course, this is only formal. More reasons for revival of Hanfu are the revival of fine traditional culture.


Hanfu is a general concept more often. For example, we often see a very beautiful antique dress worn by a young lady on the street. Some people think it is a kimono or a hanbok. Moreover, in many formal occasions, some people wear Tang suits, and in the international arena, many foreign friends also think that this is Hanfu. However, Tang costumes are made from the improvement of clothing of Qing traditional, and some people ask, Can this Qing Dynasty costume be considered a Hanfu?


In fact, Hanfu is just like a microcosm of our Chinese civilization. It has also evolved over thousands of years. Each period has its own characteristics. For example, the round neck of the Tang Dynasty was learned from Hu Ren, which also explains The inclusiveness of our culture. The design of clothing in each period in history has been improved with the development of society or the absorption of civilization. But overall, the service structure of Hanfu has not changed much.


Until the Qing Dynasty, the policy of “shaving and facilitating” was implemented, and the standard of traditional clothing was completely changed. This was because the Chinese Wei Dynasty had been staged in the history of China, and the nomadic culture of the Jin Dynasty was conquered by the Central Plains culture. The plot. I don’t forget the past, and the future teacher, Dolly naturally does not want to see such consequences, so the reform must first proceed from the appearance.


The combination of “Renaissance” and Hanfu has a purpose that has been neglected. The rise of Hanfu is related to the revival of literature and art, and how can the revival of literature and art not mention the style of Han and Tang. The Han Dynasty was the second largest unified political power in China’s history. It existed for nearly five hundred years. Many cultures of the Han Dynasty were like the genes of the Chinese nation.

wall mural of Tang

From the murals handed down from the Tang Dynasty, it can be seen that the Tang Dynasty officials wore Chinese-style dresses to receive Hu people. In fact, the Tang Dynasty popular is Hu, but in this formal occasion, Put on the Chinese costumes, indicating that the Tang Dynasty people think that they are still under the Han culture. When the Hu people visit, they naturally have to show their positions and divide the boundaries.

women clothing of Ming

Before the Song Dynasty, although many foreigners invaded, they never reached the point of unifying the Central Plains. Therefore, the inheritance of Hanfu was not interrupted. After the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Han people’s regime was completely absent in the Central Plains, and the Hanfu company’s environment for ritual use was gone, and it was gradually forgotten. However, it was not long before Zhu Yuanzhang established the Han Dynasty-dominated political policy, and in order to eliminate the “Meng Yuan Hu Feng” left by the former dynasty, and restore the Han people’s “Han and Tang dynasty”, from the system to the clothing are based on the Tang and Song Dynasties, and then improved And a revival took place.


Therefore, when someone talks about the restoration of Hanfu, it is not only the revival of clothing, but the revival of the Han and Tang dynasties, and the revival of our 5,000-year civilization. 


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20 pictures to describe the changes of Chinese Clothing

Monday, August 27th, 2018

The Revolution of 1911 ended the feudal monarchy of more than 2,000 years, and the costumes of the Chinese nation entered a new era. Prior to this, the reformist Kang Youwei in 1894 and the foreign minister Wu Tingfang in the early years of Xuantong, had request to change chinese clothing; from traditional to suits. With the impact of Western culture,the colorful costumes finally rushed to the clothing hierarchy. Traditional robes, shirts, trousers, pants, and skirts are increasingly influenced by Western clothing and replaced by new styles of many new varieties.

Chinese clothing chinese clothingchinese clothing chinese clothing

In the early years of the Republic of China, there was a situation in which the suits and attire were in parallel with the robes and magua. Wearing a suit and wearing a top hat is considered to be the most solemn dress.

Chinese clothing chiese clothing chinese clothingchinese clothing

In this situation, Sun Yat-sen is determined to set up his own Chinese clothing. After careful thinking, careful design, and soliciting opinions, he finally created a set of simple clothing with Chinese national characteristics – Zhongshang suit.


The Chinese tunic suit designed by Sun Yat-sen based on Guangdong casual clothes, adding a lapel collar on the straight collar, like “transplanting” the hard collar of the shirt inside the suit.

chinese clothing Chinese clothing Chinese clothingChinese clothing

Sun Yat-sen personally set up a new costume and personally took the lead in wearing it on various occasions. Because this kind of clothing has many advantages, mainly the appearance is beautiful and generous. It can be made from high-quality fabrics or from general fabrics. It can be used as a dress or as a daily dress. Therefore, it is very popular among the masses and it is called “Zhongshan Suit”. Later, Sun Yat-sen vigorously advocated and popularized it, and temporarily wore “Zhongshan Suit”, which was advocated by the whole country and became Fengshang.

Cheongsam was also popular during this period. Since the 1920s, women love cheongsam, and cheongsam has gradually become fashion. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, costumes are simple and practical. According to the records, the first Han women wearing a robe flag were female students in Shanghai. They wore spacious cheongsams, which aroused the envy of women from all walks of life and followed suit. At the same time, public opinion has also praised this. Thus, cheongsam became the most fashionable clothing for women at that time.

chinese clothing chinese clothing chinese clothing

chinese clothingchinese clothing

As a traditional national costume in China, cheongsam has certain characteristics. Its lines are concise and beautiful, and the shape is simple and generous. It is more suitable for women to wear and has some influence in the international arena. In recent years, Chinese fashion designers have brainstormed and introduced new styles, combining traditional cheongsam styles with modern women’s styles, and making cheongsam appear in front of people with a new look.

Chinese clothing chinese clothing Chinese clothing









20 Beautiful Traditional Chinese Wedding Dresses With Morden Design

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

The theme of the Chinese wedding ceremony is to congratulate, use various festive elements. And Western wedding always lies in witnesses and blessings, invite relatives and friends, witness a combination of love and pray for them. A Chinese-Western wedding can combine the two, not just to prove that you are in love, nor is it a lively show for others, but a wedding about gratitude, sharing, and blessing.

Chinese Wedding dress also have classification:

Traditional style:

The traditional Chinese wedding dress style is a form of wedding that draws on different dynasties and is used directly in modern wedding dresses to form a retro bride image. Many young people imitate the ancient wedding form, so the retro wedding meets the preferences of some young people. For example, the Hanfu wedding that has risen in recent years.

chinese clothingchinese dress


National Style:

The national style is a wedding dress style that imitates the wedding costumes of all ethnic groups in China. The ethnic style wedding dress can follow or draw on the styles of various national wedding dresses, decorate the lights and form a bride image with a national charm.

chinese dresschinese dresschinese dresschinese dress

chinese dresschinese dresschinese dress

chinese clothingchinese clothing


Modern Style:

Based on the traditional Chinese wedding dresses or a few ethnic wedding dresses, the modern Chinese wedding dresses combine the modern wedding dress fashion trends with the modern aesthetic tastes, blending the styles of modern wedding payment features, which have both classical charm and Modern in style, it is a modern Chinese wedding dress.

CheongsamCheongsamChinese clothing

cheongsamchinese dresschinese clothing