How Chinese people pray?


Buddhism and Daoism do not require regular, weekly attendance at their temples, so most Chinese people pray at home, if at all. On special occasions or in times of difficulty, they may go to their temple to pray or ask the priest for help.


A minority of Chinese people are Christian. Those who belong to the official state church might go to their local church to pray. Others who belong to one of the underground churches meet together when they can in homes, forests, or any other secret location to pray and worship, but pray on their own anywhere at any time in-between. They cannot be openly seen to pray for fear of arrest and persecution. Others are Muslims and can attend their local mosque.


most of the chinese people are atheists. the other are buddhists so they pray to buddha(buddhism doesnt have only one god though), muslins so they pray to god, christians that pray to god too.o jiao) that has a whole saint gerarchy up in the skies, and other religions. there are really a lot of religions in china.



Chinese Buddhism and Taoism both incorporate prayer into their daily religious rituals.


In addition to the prayer accompanying offerings, the monastic prayer (mu-yu) is said morning, noon and night to the sound of a small bell.


Prayer for the dead is especially important in Taoism and practiced at funerals, the 30th day after death, the anniversary of a loved one’s death, and the birthday of the deceased. This is believed to help improve the experiences of the deceased’s spirit in the afterlife.


There are also particular prayers that accompany pilgrimages and vows. Buddhist monks and laymen often use a string with 108 beads to assist in prayer.


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