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Feng Shui is really amazing, and I believe a lot of people who are from many places worship Feng Shui. You would benefit a lot if you pay attention to the proper application of Feng Shui articles. Allow me to introduce you some common Feng Shui articles:

1. Aquarium

It is said that mountain in charge of prestige while water controls wealth, which means that an aquarium has strong effect on money making. But there are always two sides to everything; water is also a double-edged sword. You will have money and health problems instead if you don’t apply the aquarium properly. Therefore you must consult a Feng Shui master about the proper position of the aquarium before placement.

2. The god of wealth

The god of wealth divides into the civil god of wealth and the military god of wealth. Your family and enterprise will have a good run on fortune and money if you respect the god of wealth in a proper way, but everything goes down conversely. Especially the military god of wealth—-Guan Gong, you will be killed by his broadsword if you respect him in a wrong way. The general principle is that the military god of wealth should face the door while the civil god of wealth should not.

3. Wealth-Transport Boy

As is implied by the name, it is an item for transporting wealth. It has a great effect when man is single. But married people are forbidden to use this. It is extremely effective if it is placed in the bathroom, because water is in charge of wealth. It is also can be placed at the head of bed, but this method is not applied to ladies. Be sure to bear in mind, you can only keep this item for just one year. It won’t work after that.

4. Crystal

Crystal includes natural crystal and artificial crystal. Natural crystal has better and stronger effect than artificial crystal. If it is possible, natural crystal should be preferred. Crystal is generally placed at the position of malignant star which can not only ward off sickness and misfortune but also change sickness to wealth.

5. Gold ingot

Gold ingot is for making money. There are two ways to place the gold ingot. One way is that to put a pair of gold ingots on the right and left corner respectively of the largest window of your house. The larger the window is, the more money you can make. The other way is that to put a pair of gold ingots at the corner face the door. This corner is the place for gathering money. It has strong power for gathering money when adds a pair of gold ingots.

6. Stone Lion

As one of the auspicious animals, lion can ward off evil spirit, strengthen authority and enhance Yang Qi. Rich families always place a pair of stone lions in front of their door in the old times. It is helpful to place a pair of stone lions facing your window if you see ominous things from your window. If you are a lawyer or host, you can place a pair in your office which is helpful for making money.

7. Bronze Lion

Normally the bronze lion should face the door and can ward off the evil spirit. It is especially effective when your door faces road and street lamp. Bronze is metal which conflict with wood, so it is helpful if your window face trees. Due to metal promoting water, the bronze lion performs well in making money if one of your family members’ horoscopes is water.

8. Wenchang Tower

It is the most frequently used ritual implement which is helpful for study, achievement and career. There is such a Feng Shui tower in Ping Shan, Yuen Long. It is said that there are more villagers become scholars and officials than other places. It helps thinking and study when place it at children’s head of bed, on the adults’ desk and in the scholars’ bookcase.

9. Pi Xiu

It is an auspicious animal without scales on the body and fur on the feet, very brave in appearance, and the best Feng Shui article. It is only applied to the ones who have variable incomes, such as salesman. It is helpful for extra income other than normal income when place Pi Xiu to face the door or window. If you want to improve your normal income, you’d better add a pair of dragons.

10. Bronze Gourd

It is well known that gourd can exorcize disease, but fewer know that bronze gourd can improve the marital affection. It can deepen the affection by putting a bronze gourd at the head of bed, if the couple doesn’t have a good relationship. Moreover it is good for health when you have kids, the old and especially patients at home. It has a wide application that it can ward off evil spirit and dispense disaster to some extent.

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