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Chinese Culture of Wearing red in one’s own Zodiac birth year

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


According to historical records, “benmingnian”(the zodiac Birth year) had exist in early Han originated in China, the Chinese zodiac and “red” mentality. In ancient China, people is used YiBingDing armour, ugly singular combination of such sale bases to remember the names of year, to facilitate the memory and calculation, people use the rat, ox, etc 12 animals to correspond with the twelve earthly branches, with one year of an animal as this year’s mutually. The han nationality and in accordance with the Chinese zodiac benmingnian is supirior to mutually, it launched with Chinese zodiac are closely linked. A man was born in, then what is the next to a man in this life is truly, because the Chinese zodiac self-repeating, every two years, people will direct meet her, so, in benmingnian life for two years, the quantity of benmingnian 24 years old, 36, 48, 60 years… . Many people in China consider important of their 60 years old of birthday, commonly known as “lure” custom for life, 60, and also the first six benmingnian a rebirth, Christian adit should celebrate, reposing people asking longevity, health and good luck.

“Benmingnian”, the folk taboo is widely in south, the influence of folk, hang red away danger in this life of traditional hiding. So whenever people in red is the special benmingnian. This life is the red exquisite should Chinese han nationality traditional culture originated in the red. Red to ward off evil spirits, this concept, the red lucky in primitive society has already exists, red is the colour of the sun, it is the color of blood, the color is fire. Along with the changes of The Times, the ShangGong thought, but no new post red couplets, han’s wedding ceremony old red wedding, red, red candle, shinco covering the GongBang etc, regardless of when and where people have to use red to add festival. The red as han ethnic festival, successful, brave and symbol of justice, especially that of the insulation property is red. Therefore, people in 30 early wear red underwear, or fasten belt, some wearing red with the decorations with red silk cords and XiGua, to meet their benmingnian. Think that could hasten lucky avoids disaster, disaster from evil. These things to recite the red benmingnian what is often said “the red”.


People also worship offering every benmingnian this commandment god “, in order to prolong the custom. The life of god from Taoism. Taoism absorption of popular folk life “, “the statement,” the star “, “” this life, benmingnian theory. All I was born in a cycle of sixty years, this year of power. Magic, also called benmingnian. As Chinese native religion, Taoist natural and tian, sale, the Chinese zodiac a natural affinity with. For this commandment god, some local call “the life star king” to keep the commandment, some called “magic”, referred to as the cycle of sixty. In the year, sixty years people born in the year of different can be found in this life belongs to god. As a national hero yue fei was born in the YiYiLingSanNian, XiaLi ram, he’s the king WeiRen open for “ram’s generals”. According to the Taoist view, fix true to life shall be tried sex magic, this year the benmingnian or ordinary life magic, worship, disaster will be awarded a custom circulates.

Benmingnian “about”, not only in the han people in China, some of the ethnic minorities in a similar statement. According to the old Tibetan, each person has a XiongRi and by birth, it is worked out. The Tibetan people, each of the end of the second sale, sale is a “beginning in” (meaning for candy, namely XiongNian) so everyone’s 13, 25, 37 (so on.that) that go with perennial taboo, only is more sacrifice and chant to avoid disaster. But for China’s ethnic minorities, qidan “benmingnian” this custom was first celebrated the khitans only a custom. In the liao, “ritual” renewable benmingnian Christmas gift, or because of liao dynasty has 12 zodiac dating, zodiac cycle once every 12 years, born to belong to each year, it’s to commemorate their beginning ceremony, thanked her mother’s support.


Generally speaking, this life is a blessing or a curse or and most people think: the benmingnian along nothing succeeds like success, approaching, overwhelming, Everywhere, the eyeful pass behind, mildew to both gateway, now still uncertain. But for sure, this is XiongNian benmingnian is not based on any scientific evidence. But in this life, people are often encountered many don’t SuiXin, or do some ridiculous thing, let a person feel suspicious, this kind “the phenomenon of” in folk studies or a blank. So the people had often benmingnian worry about this year’s fortunes, want to use what way across the trap is the largest, most people benmingnian. More people every year, box is to make the businessmen, gives people the psychological characteristics, publicizing benmingnian “commodities” what red underwear — for example, red pants etc, seize the opportunities to make money. Now the benmingnian has and traditional Chinese other customs, lost its inherent meaning, the businessman promotion into a beak. While most of us are holding “would have no credible, its” ‘attitude and conformity to this trend, or when it is a kind of new fashion o “benmingnian” red dress, tied with red sashes nor pure to recite, it became a kind of fashion.