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  • What countries do you ship to?

    We ship to virtually all major countries with most buyers come from USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Australia, Japan, etc.

  • How much do you charge for standard shipping?

    Please?Note:?If your package weight exceeds 3kg, please contact our customer service and we will accurately provide you your shipping price.

    Weight (Kg) Postal air Rates (USD$)
    0.01-0.3 $7.70
    0.31-0.5 $11.00
    0.51-1.0 $19.80
    1.01-1.5 $28.60
    1.51-1.8 $38.50
    1.81-2.8 $44.00
    2.81-3.8 $55.00

  • How do you protect your goods during shipping?

    We pride ourselves in individually hand wrapping each and every item personally and depending on the material type of good will use the appropriate protective packing material to avoid any foreseeable transit miss-handling that may occur. We use bubble-wrap, foam peanuts, thick plastic and cardboard protective packaging for packaging. We also offer personalized gift wrapping (see gift wrapping section).

  • How much does worldwide express service cost?

    Based upon our discount rates received from cooperation courier companies we will use the following price matrix: -

    World-Wide Express Start Rate = US$25 per order
    Each Add. Rate: US$5 per 0.5KG

    World-Wide Express Cost Detail Referrence Form:

    Weight (Kg) Express Rates (USD$)
    0-0.5 $23.00
    0.51-1.0 $29.00
    1.01-1.5 $35.00
    1.51-2.0 $42.00
    2.01-2.5 $49.00
    2.51-3.0 $55.00
    3.01-3.5 $62.00
    3.51-4.0 $68.00
    4.01-4.5 $75.00
    4.51-5.0 $82.00

  • How to track my shipment?

    Once your order has been shipped, we will provide you a tracking number, please enter this tracking number at relevant site below to track your shipment:
    Air Parcel:; of the World)
    EMS:; of the World)

  • Note:
    1. Air Parcel: En-route tracking service is not provided but delivery information only when your local post office dispatched the parcel. Please be patient as the delivery might take 10 or more working days for its arrival.
    2. EMS: En-route tracking information is available once the parcel arrives at destination country.
    3. UPS/DHL/FedEX: Full en-route tracking information available once we released the parcel.
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Our telephone: 1-888-226-4088 Monday-Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm China Coast Time(UTC+08)
Our Email:
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