• Dear Chris, I am happy to report that I received the Shining Silk Magnificent Shirt on Friday. I am very pleased with it. It is exactly what I ordered. Thank you.
    Michael, Saint Cloud [United States] - 9th/Apr/2018

  • Chris: The \"T\" shirt came today. It is terrific!! Thank you so much for your effort. I look forward to doing business with Goodoreint in the future.
    Richard , Castine[USA] - 2nd,Feb.2018

  • Hello Chris, I received my beautiful jacket and Im very happy that the size 6 fits perfectly! Thank you so much for your help.
    Bernadette , Hayward [USA] - 22th/Jan/2018

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GoodOrient Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about GoodOrient.com, from all over the World. Please note, these are candid and largely unedited comments. (exactly as they were sent to us).

The testimonials below are arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.
The last one is dated late 2003, even though we have started in 1997 (we had a gap where we didn't collect them).
We currently only display testimonials that have been submitted in English.
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“Hi, I received the suit today, it fits very well, and the tailor work is quite good! Thanks very much for all your help, I am very pleased. Regards,”

Singapore [Singapore]

“Good morning, I can not describe in words on how the clothes are, it lies far beyond perfect.”

LOS ANGELES [United States]

“I received my dress yesterday and I think it\'s beautiful! ”

Douglasville [United States]

“My Friend. Package was here when I got home. I am very happy with dress again. I will order another soon.”

nashville [United States]

“I am delighted to report that this cheongsam is stunning and beautifully well made. Many thanks Regards.”

Seattle [United States]

“Thank you so much for sending me my dress so quickly. It is very beautiful and I really like it. I can\'t wait to wear the dress and to attend the special evening event. Please give a special appreciation to a person who made my dress.”

waterloo [Canada]

“Thank you very much for answering my concerns. Nothing to worry now. My dress was delivered yesterday around 1pm. ”

Holden [United States]

“Received my beautiful new garment and I am so happhy with it. It fits beatifully. I want to thank you sincerely for all your help. Thanks again.”

Scotch Plains [United States]

“I am at work but my husband called to say that the package was delivered. Thank you so very much for your assistance in getting it to me before I left for my trip. Your help was greatly appreciated. Sincerely”

Indianapolis [United States]

“My partners Dress has just been delivered and she has tried it on, and I must say it looks beautiful and fits perfect. Thank-you very much for all your help. My partner says that she hopes to do business with you again, and says many thanks as it was her dream to be married in this dress. Best Regards”

Cincinnati [United States]

“Thank you very much my order arrived today, they are beautiful. I am thinking of placing an order for Women\'s silk pants. Would I be able to have them made without the Piping? Many thanks once again”

Warren [United States]

“Hello, Lucie. I received the earrings today, October 1, 2012. They are just what I wanted, and they match perfectly with the cinnabar bracelet I had ordered from another vendor. Take care.”

columbus [United States]

“Dear Lucie, I received my globe yesterday and it was perfect. I just wanted to thank you for all help with my order. You did a great job. If this will help you get a raise in pay please show it to the proper person. Thanks”

Jeannette Hook
Santiago [Chile]

“Lucie,Just to let you now, i gave 2 friend your webs site before i order my gound also your email so they can get in tuch with the company,hope they will place a order with the company,i haven\'t seam them in 3 week, but when i do i will show them my gown, thank you again ”

London [United kingdom]

“I bought my wedding dress here and it is fantastic. The quality and detail are out of this world. I would reccomemd this site to all my friends. just cant wait to wear it now. Good Luck”

Milwaukee [Wisconsin]

“lUCIE,thank you very much the blouse was deliveredto my house a few minutes ago.”

Burbank [United States]

“Lucie,thank you thank you thank you, i receive the gound today i like it, it\'s fit just right, in the near future i will order some more long gound,again thank\'s. ”

ernest pegues
lilesville [United States]

“Last week we got our new Dragon and Phoenix Cheongsam. It is wonderful. Its color and fabric are amazing. Everythig came to home on time. My little daugther is so happy and delighted. Thank you very much. ”

BOGOTA [Colombia]

“This dress is lovely. Perfect. I can think of many places to wear it. Particularly, all the wedding I have coming up. It is so classic. My husband looked at me when I first put it on and he said \"that\'s nice\". Normally, he does not say much about what I wear. So I was pleased.”

Hendersonville [United States]

“This dress is very forgiving and looks extremely attractive with its beautiful patterns. I bought a size bigger than what I normally wear to allow the dress to hang better given the stretchy material of the dress.”

Norma Cantrell
Tokyo [Japan]

Currently displaying page 35 of 82 pages (1626 total).

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