• Beautiful, thank you! Exactly as described and pictured. I (almost) can¡¯t wait for cooler weather so I can wear it ;)
    alice sherwood, New York[United States ] - 15th/June/20118

  • This jacket is nice looking, simple and comfortable and made well. I enjoy wearing it to any casual events around town.
    Pinar, Ellicott City [USA] - 5th/June/2018

  • Nice people with excellent service! I will recommend your website to my friends!
    Lester , Beaverton [USA] - 2nd,June.2018

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GoodOrient Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about GoodOrient.com, from all over the World. Please note, these are candid and largely unedited comments. (exactly as they were sent to us).

The testimonials below are arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.
The last one is dated late 2003, even though we have started in 1997 (we had a gap where we didn't collect them).
We currently only display testimonials that have been submitted in English.
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“Thank you very much! You have all been so helpful! I am excited to see the dresses! Havve a good day.”

Alia Bresciani
Alberta [Canada]

“Yes we did get the Navy Jacket. It is great. My wife really liked it. The color is stunning and the detail very nice. We can\'t wait for the other jacket for my son. We are looking forward to its arrival.”

Edwin Rivera Jr
New Jersey [Uinted States]

“ I was able to see the black dress that Kim Warantz ordered to wear for my wedding. The dress is beautiful the material is so great. I am so happy, Thank you.”

Putnam Valley [Uinted States]

“I just wanted to let you know the dress got here safely, and extreamly quickly. I really really appreciate your attention to details, and the customer service I have received. I am sorry about the lack of advance notice, but you and the people at goodorient.com did an awesome job. And my best friend looked awesome in the dress. Thanks again. ”

Winnemucca [United States]

“We got our dress today!!! Thankyou again for another perfect dress. We love you all so much! Thanks again, The Ebert Family”

Maegen Ebert
Nevada [United States]

“The 2 Coats arrived today and they are Perfect!!! Thankyou so much, I love all of the stuff including the 2 extra things!!! : )”

Kirstin James
Christchurch [New Zealand]

“ Hi, just received my package. Everything fits perfectly, thanks!”

Bryan Yan
Singapore [Singapore]

“ I received the goods and I am thrilled! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to showing my 6th grade art students.”

Michelle Tyrel
Kansas [USA]

“I\'m back, this time ordering a green jacket for my silk dress I just received from GoodOrient...smilbes - how exciting. Thank you kindly in advance, and happy rainy Friday.”

Gail Porter
Santa Cruz [Uinted States]

“I received my items today and everything is OK and I liked very much the dragon phoenix ring.”

Perin Seven
Cesme/Izmir [Turkey]

“Hello and happy Thursday! I wish to extend a warm *thank you*, I love my dress (it fit perfectly) and enjoyed ordering from your on-line store, I am very excited. And for sure, I will be back shopping again soon. I am wearing this gorgeous dress to my niece\'s wedding in Indiana in March....I\'ll be sure to share happy thoughts of Good Orient. ...big smiles Thank you kindly, Cordially,”

Santa Cruz [Uinted States]

“ I know you have tried very hard to make me happy. I am very happy with your kind service. Thank you so much. I\'m sure I will love the new set also. You have all been very nice and I will continue to shop at your website, and tell my friends to shop there too. Thank you!”

Teresa Clark
Utah [Uinted States]

“ I will give it to my friend. I am sure she will be delighted. Again I thank you and your company for acting so fast and thoughtfully.”

Glenda Haroutiounian
California [Uinted States]

“The gift was sent to someone so I never saw what it looked like, but I heard it was great.”

Burlington [United States]

“ Thanks Lucie, We look forward to doing business with you again sometime in the future!”

Madison [United States]

“ The fabrics are beautiful. We are very pleased. My best,”

Morristown [Uinted States]

“The jacket arrived today. it is beautiful and fits perfectly. thank you so much.”

Elle Hitter
Louisiana [United States]

“Hi guys i received my order today 3 February 2009 in good shape.Thank you very muchly.Will continue doing business with you !”

Ben mapuranga
Perth [Australia]

“ Thanks Lucie, I received the package today and so far it looks great! Thanks so much….”

Sharin Franklin
St. Louis [United States]

“ THANK YOU!!! i am very satisfied with my order. i have told everyone about good orient to order all there oriental goods!!! i already recieved my order and will be decorating my house later today. thank you very much!!!!”

EI Paso [Uinted States]

Currently displaying page 55 of 82 pages (1635 total).

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