• Hi Chris Just a short note to say thankyou to you and the tailors, my jacket fitted perfectly. Regards
    Malcolm, Devon [United Kingdom (Great Britain)] - 12th/July/2018

  • Very lovely fabric! Shipped faster than I thought with no issues. Would buy from again. Thanks!
    Florence Guedj, California[USA] - 9th/July/2018

  • Great!! I can tell you that I am delighted: date and delivery respected, the dress is consistent with the photo I made the choice of tailor made it very well adjusted .
    Duda Teixeira, San Francisco[USA] - 2nd/July/2018

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GoodOrient Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about GoodOrient.com, from all over the World. Please note, these are candid and largely unedited comments. (exactly as they were sent to us).

The testimonials below are arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.
The last one is dated late 2003, even though we have started in 1997 (we had a gap where we didn't collect them).
We currently only display testimonials that have been submitted in English.
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“Of course! I will recomended you with my friends, I am sure that in my party a lot of people will be asking for the dresses and the pijamas. Also, your personal atention in all my concerns has been EXCELLENT!!! i am very glad to know you ...Let me know any information and I will send you pictures...”

Florida [United States]

“Thank you very much for your reply. (And thank you for your help with my last order! I really REALLY love my new black velvet jacket!) I will go ahead and place my next order for the moss green thai silk. I think I will go with the standard shipping because I am leaving for a two week trip on September 5, and it may be pushing it a little to expect it in time. Plus, given limited luggage space, I'm not certain that I would even take the moss green jacket with me anyway (though the black velvet is already guaranteed an honored place in my suitcase!). I'll look forward to getting the green jacket when I get home! Thank you again for all your help!”

Janice Black
California [United States]

“Thank you so very much for my handsome gray jacket. I will feel very special in your very high quality jacket. I will recommend Good Orient to others. Thank you again.”

Terrance Farrell
Atlanta [United States]

“i am a previous customer i have purchased this product from you before and i am typing to say thanks.The product is of very high quality and a very good price .I like all of your other products thanks a gain.”

Ashley Grech
Higham ferrers [United Kingdom]

“The fabrics are wonderful.”

Leanne Abe-Alciati
Watsonville [United States]

“Referring to my order ID #93687,I just wanted to let you know that i received my Order , the dress fits perfectly the size is just right . the veil and the Petticoat are perfect,the quality is very good , its every thing i ever wanted . i must tell you i was a bit worried and everybody thought i was crazy to go buy my wedding dress online from China specialy that the price is very cheap compared to our prices here .but now my mother inlaw wants to buy her dress from your site and all of my freinds are amazed ..Thank you so much , you've been very supportive / cooperative and extreemly professional . you can count me in as one of your loyal / regular clients .Best Regards, ”

New York [United States]

“I got the dress yesterday! It's beautiful and fits me perfectly. Thanks again! I highly recommend goodorient.com to all those who are interested in purchasing fine, tailor-made cheongsams! ”

Eva Lo
San Francisco [United States]

“Thank you so much for all of your help and your wonderful customer service. GoodOrient truly does hire the best people to represent their company!”

Kelly Latta
South Carolina [United States]

“Thank you for your email and for getting back to me so soon. That is such wonderful news... and I knew I would be getting some good news from you soon :) Thank you for helping out with this matter and it's been worth the wait... I don't mind being patient, as long as the matter is resolved, which it seems to be :) Thank you so much. My sister will be so happy when she finally gets her package. Again, thank you SO much for all your help and for taking care of this matter once and for all :) I really appreciate it!”

Matthew Bianc
California [United States]

“Yes I received it the same day I inguried about it and the runner and fans I ordered are bueatiful, I love them............Thank You”

Mel Skwierczynski
New York [United States]

“I received my dress about 2 weeks ago and I am very pleased with the fit, style and price. Very happy customer”

Tracey St. Hill-Blake
Charlotte [United States]

“We have received the dresses and the look great. I really do appreciate you going the extra mile to help me make my wedding day so special. Thanks very much!”

Pattie Greenwell
Arlington [United States]

“Thank you for your store credit offer; I accept. And also, thank you for handling this matter and sticking with me. I look forward to doing more business with you.”

Mark Lunceford
Lilburn [United States]

“the wedding dress was beautiful and thee fit was perfect..the dress made my day...i will spread the word around..sorry i took so long responding but i was enjoying my r&r..im in the army and i got married on leave...im not sure when but ill send you a photo...thanks once again...”

francesca hackley
charlottesville [United States]

“I am very impressed with your service and delivery time. My daughter and I have been invited to a cocktail party given by the Chairman of the National Pony Society and I am sure I will be very comfortable inmy new outfit. Many thanks”

Jo Ball
Leicestershire [United Kingdom (Great Britain )]

“Thank You Lucie, I got the dress J It??s wonderful! Thanks again!”

Crystal Saly
Port Orchard [United States]

“Thank you Lucie, Your products and services are excellent and I'll shop your website in the future! I just had a very complicated dress to match! Thank you!”

Melanie Bittle
Carrollton [United States]

“Just wanted to let you know we've got everything. They are lovely! Delivery was so quick! Thank you! We would recommend you to anyone! ”

Yvonne Wong
Hobart, Tasmania [Australia]

“Ni Hao Xiaojie! I received the long-gown; it is very handsome! I wanted to thank you for your assitance...again! I hope all is Harmonious with you and your family and I hope the sun is shining in Beijing for you! Thank You!! ”

Thomas Arsenault
Tampa [United States]

“My goods have finally arrived. I am extremely pleased with this fabric and I thank you for your promptness! Here in Brazil ,Chinese fabrics are not to be found for sale per meter/yard.There are only ready garments in stores,you know,cheongsam dresses and things like that.Eventually I had to buy one of those and dismantle it for re-working the fabrics in a different use....Warm regards, ”

Chico Penteado
Sao Paulo [Brazil]

Currently displaying page 60 of 82 pages (1638 total).

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