• Hello Chris, My order had arrived yesterday and I am surprised by the fast delivery ! Everything was in good condition and was packaged well ! I\'m glad to see a difference from my last order ! I will be sure to order from Good Orient again.
    Jennifer, Alberta [ Canada ] - 2nd,May.2018

  • Dear Chris, I am happy to report that I received the Shining Silk Magnificent Shirt on Friday. I am very pleased with it. It is exactly what I ordered. Thank you.
    Michael, Saint Cloud [United States] - 9th/Apr/2018

  • Chris: The \"T\" shirt came today. It is terrific!! Thank you so much for your effort. I look forward to doing business with Goodoreint in the future.
    Richard , Castine[USA] - 2nd,Feb.2018

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GoodOrient Testimonials

The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about GoodOrient.com, from all over the World. Please note, these are candid and largely unedited comments. (exactly as they were sent to us).

The testimonials below are arranged in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.
The last one is dated late 2003, even though we have started in 1997 (we had a gap where we didn't collect them).
We currently only display testimonials that have been submitted in English.
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“The wedding was beautiful!! Everyone loved the dresses. You might get more customers soon.:) I can't thank you enough for all your help. We reallyappreciate it. Thanks.”

Courtney Bishop
Sugar Land [United States]

“I have picked up my package today from the post office. I am very satisfied with the products, they look great! This is my first time ordering and I was very happy with it. Thank you for contacting me and letting me know about the package.”

Ling Lau
Marion [United States]

“The jackets and gowns arrived this afternoon! They are unbelievably beautiful! I can't wait to order more! ”

Jeffrey Ahia
Mountlake Terrace [United States]

“Thank you. Yes, I did pickup my embroidered shoes. They were exactly what I anticipated from the website.”

Lisa Chew
Philadelphia [United States]

“My blouses did arrive yesterday, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Although, I had really planned to wear them to my party, the blouses were so amazing, they were worth the wait. Thanks!”

Angie Taylor
Kansas city [United States]

“Thank you very much for your help. I received the thai silk dress this morning. It was exactly as I had asked.I will be sure reccomend your boutique to friends and family.Thank you again!”

Nayyer Iqbal
Cardiff [United Kingdom]

“Thank you very much for getting back with me. The package arrived on Saturday at the Post Office. I was able to pick it up on Monday. The dress is beautiful and looks just like the picture on the web site.Thank you again!”

Kris Burdine
Tigard [United States]

“Dear thank you for the service and all the other thinks that I`ll received in the pass; the jackets are great, really work in the spring and winter.”

Allen Duderstadt
Baltimore [United States]

“The dress is absolutely beautiful. My American wife loves it very much. Xiexie.”

Tom Weng
shepherdstown [United States]

“The dress is great! Thank you so much for all your time in getting this worked out. The person(s) who worked it out did an awesome job. Thanks to everyone.”

Anna Duderstadt
Belgrade [United States]

“The dress is very nice and the size is perfect.”

Lagache Lionel
Grenade [France]

“Good Day Athena I received my CHEONGSAMS today at about 6:30 pm I love them, Looking forward to buying more!Thank you!”

Angela Thomas
New Jersey [United States]

“The dress fits my friend perfectly and is beautiful and so are the earrings. Thank you so much for all of you help.”

Kate Seippel
California [United States]

“I just want to Thank Athena Wu for all of her help!!! She went out of her way to make sure my order was placed properly. I can not remember the last time I have received such GREAT service!!! Thank You very much.”

Kim Lopez
Massachusetts [United States]

“The head pieces are so cute! Our little dancers will look great in them.”

Judith Pedersen
New York [United States]

“Thank you for writing again and inquiring about my package. I am very pleased with everything and look forward to giving some as gifts to my family and friends.I am sure I will be doing future business with you and perhaps even get to meet someday, if we end up in China. I really enjoyed Bejiing.”

Kaye Morgan-Curtis
New York [United States]

“I have received my order. Thank you very much. The dress is beautiful and of great quality. ”

Kaye Morgan-Curtis
New York [United States]

“I received my parcel today and everything was as it should be, so it was not lost on its long way to little Denmark . Thank you very much for your fantastic service, and I am looking forward to do much more business with www.goodorient.com.”

Benny Straby
Taastrup [Denmark]

“Thank for your answer my order already has arrived today all perfect thanks. ”

Marina Gabiola Colina
Elgoibar [Spain]

“Thank you, and the quality of your merchandise is wonderful! I'll be ordering custom tailored items soon!”

Jeri Cartwright
Salt Lake City [United States]

Currently displaying page 77 of 82 pages (1627 total).

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