A Beautiful Girl Blowing The Bamboo Flute Handmade Papercut

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How amazing the girl is! Can you imgine that this pattern of a beautiful girl blowing the bamboo flute is cut by hand with a scissor? The manual operation is very complicated and it takes a skilled craftamn several days to cut such a perfect pattern in a piece of paper. Papercut is a kind of folk art, and it is cut by craftsman with a scissor. At first, papercut is for religious purposes, but now it is widely used as a decoration on a wall, window, door, column, and mirror in the house. Some artists has creatively combined Chinese painting with papercut art, making the pattern more vivid and exquisite. You may make the papercut with a beautiful girl blowing the flute pattern mounted, hanging on the walls, it will make your house decoration classically and tastefully. Material: Paper Dimensions: 15"1/2x21" Preparation time: 2-3 working days.
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