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Have you heard of the beautiful legend about peacock princess? Hundreds of yeas ago, there lived a handsome tribe leader in beauteous Xishuang Banna. He married a clever and pretty peacock fairy. It is about how the brave boy went through many hardships, finally beat the wicked necromancer, and saved his wife. This tale of peacock princess who signifies peace and happiness has been widely spread among the Dai Nationality, infecting people's hearts from generation to generation. With splendid peacock pattern, this bright red mirror is made of iron. The floral carved handle makes it more historic and appropriate to match an old-fashioned comb. If you have such a fancy cowry in your hand, you are a classical beauty sort of like the graceful peacock princess dressing up enjoyably.Iron Mirror size: 5"Lx2"1/2W Comb size: 5"Lx1"W Peacock pattern Please use soft cloth to wipe it just for keep clean and new Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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