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Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion on the fan is written by Wangxizhi, a great calligrapher in Jin Dynasty. The translation of Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion is as follows. At the beginning of March in the ninth year of the reign of the Emperor Mu of Jin Dynasty (353), we all gather here at the orchid pavilion in Shanyin County, Guiji Prefecture (modern day Shaoxing) for the Spring Purification Festival. All of the prominent people ranging from old to young are here. This is an area of high mountains and lofty peaks, with an exuberant growth of trees and bamboos and clear running streams reflecting the sunlight as the water flows past both sides of the pavilion. The pavilion divides the flowing water into two winding brooks, and all the guests are sitting side by side. Although we lack the boisterous atmosphere of a live orchestra, interleaving sequences of poetry recitation with wine drinking facilitate a pleasant exchange of cordial conversations. On this particular day, the sky is bright, the air is refreshing, and the gentle breezes are soothing. When looking up, one could see the vastness of the heavens. And when looking down, one could observe the abundance of things. Such contentment causes one's eyes to wander around while enjoying the limits of visions and hearings. What a joy! Now all people live in this world together, some will take all of their aspirations, and share them in private with a friend. Still others will abandon themselves to reckless pursuits, even though everyone makes different choices in life, which some are thoughtful and some are rash. When a person meets with joy, he may temporarily be pleased. He may feel contented, not minding that old age will soon arrive. He will only regret when he becomes weary, or has a change of heart about something. The happiness of the past will then become a distant memory in a blink of an eye, and this cannot but cause one to sigh. Every time I consider the reasons for why the people of old had regrets, I am always moved to sadness by their writings and could not explain why I am saddened. I most certainly know that it is false and absurd to treat life and death as one and the same. And it is equally absurd to think of dying at an old age as being the same as dying at a young age. When future generations look back to my time, it will probably be similar to how I now think of the past What a sadness! Therefore, I hereby list out the people who are present on this occasion and record what they say here. Ages may pass and times may change,but these sentiments will still remain as they are. So I hope those reading this script in the future will share the same kind of sentiments. Chinese Calligraphy pattern.Made of purple bamboo and rayon Height:13" Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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