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The accepted history of the tea set begins in China during the Han Dynasty (206-220 B.C.). Yixing tea set, called Zi Sha Hu in China and Purple Sand tea set, are perhaps the most famous tea set. They are named after a tiny city located in Jiangsu Province, where a specific compound of iron ore results in the unique coloration of these tea sets. They were fired without a glaze and were used to steep specific type of tea. Because of the porous nature of the clay, the teapot would gradually be tempered by using it for brewing one kind of tea. We offer a wide variety of Yixing tea sets for dedicated tea lovers who cannot do without them. Each piece of Yixing teaware is individually handcrafted, and over time absorbs the flavor of tea. This exquisite Yixing tea set includes a teapot and four cups. Made from the unique zisha clay found only in Yixing China, with a vivid toad on the top of teapot, this zisha tea set is treasured for their ability to enhance the flavor, aroma and texture of tea. The value of purple sand tea set is largely determined by the quality of the clay. Premium grades of zisha tea sets are composed of pure zisha material that are highly porous, easily seasoned and 100% non-toxic. The experience of Chinese tea culture is complete only when tea is brewed from a fine zisha teapot and cups. However, for collectors and tea connoisseurs, zisha tea sets are more than just instruments--they are precious works of art that satisfy us with visual beauty, textural allure, and flavorful delight. If you are a big fan of Chinese culture, and then surely you will have great interests in collecting such a piece of work of art.Please note: This Zisha tea set is made by a pottery artist, so it has a high decorative and artistic value. Specifics: A Yixing purple clay teapot Six cups to drink the tea. Material: High-quality Yi Xing Purple Clay Dimensions: 9"5/8Lx7"3/4Wx3"1/2H Preparation time:>2-3 working days
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