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Betel nut, also called the areca nut, is n seed that comes from the betel palm (Areca catechu, of the Palmaceae family), also called the areca palm. It is chewed at times along with the leaf of the betel palm.The betel palm is a pinnate tree that grows around five feet tall and is cultivated for the betel nut as well as the betel leaf in India, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Africa, southern China, the Philippine Islands and Malaysia.The betel nut functions as a stimulant and can be chewed with the betel leaf, as well as the mineral lime.Other than as a stimulant, the betel nut has uses in Ayurveda, including such things as fighting bad breath, worms, kindling passion, inducing purification and removing phlegm.

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Made of Betel nut pieces Weight:100g Preparation Time: 8-12 working days.
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