Birds Flying Towards Phoenix

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Papercut is a kind of Chinese folk art and its history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. It is originally for religious purposes, as time went on, it has been widely used as a decoration pasted on a wall, door, window, mirror of the house. The skilled craftsmen cut a variety of patterns in a piece of paper. The process is very complicated and it always takes a skilled craftsman about half a month to complete a difficult work. This papercut is patterned with birds worshipping phoenix. In Chinese culture, phoenix is the queen of birds, so it is the symbol of high rank and wealth, and on any happy occasions, the Chinese prefer papercuts as decorations to create a pleasant atmosphere for the family. You may choose papercuts to decorate your house on any happy festivals, and they will bring good fortune and happiness for your family. Or you make the papercut mounted in a picture frame, hanging it as a wall decoration, your house decoration will be in a new and fabulous look.Pattern of birds and phoenixCut with red paperMeasures:10"3/4x11"Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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