Black With White Beef Bone Tibetan Necklace

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This is a white beaded tibean style necklace with black beef bone stones. There are three black round beads in the middle and with Tibetan symbols on each one. Under the centeral black round bead there are three short strings of beef bone stone pendants. Are you looking for that perfect gift to give to a friend, sister or relative? Consider giving her a tibetan style fashion necklace especially if she doesn't have one yet. Turquoise is one of the world's earliest-used gem materials. Ranked with the jades of the Orient and lapis in the Near East, turquoise has been revered for thousands of years. In the Southwestern United States, no gemstone has been held in greater esteem. Diggings at Chaco Canyon and other ancient sites have revealed tens of thousands of pieces of turquoise in various stages of lapidary treatment. Where ancient leaders were buried, the amount of turquoise present in the grave sites indicates that it was a stone of significance long ago. Hardly a deposit of turquoise was left undiscovered by the ancient ones. Today, the gem material's popularity reaches from the Southwestern United States across the entire world. Material: beef bone Length:25" Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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