Bright Yellow Carp Hanging Decoration

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In China, the cloth-art is also called ¡°art of mother¡± and is one of Chinese traditional folk arts. Chinese people often sewed many lovely birds, animals, flowers and articles for daily use to make life beauty and express the wish for good life. The creator of Chinese folk art comes from millions of labors among the people. Cloth art is a successful combination of paper-cut and embroidery and it is mainly made up by silk and clothThe folk artists have contributed to the handing-down and development of the Chinese culture through their works. Such as decoration with the animal of CHINESE BRITH year, cloth tiger, embroider tiger-head shoes. It mixes shape, color, passion and signification together. It has vivid contrasts and dramatic forms with its fancy conceptions and logical magnifications. It's a best choice to collect and to present for friends as a gift.Handmade yellow carps patternDecorated with fringes and small beads.Dimensions: 9"Wx6"3/4HTotal Length:39"3/4Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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