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With its material of cupronickel with turquoise and bead of this kind of necklace is the prime sophistication which brings a positive approach when wearing it. Together by its turquoise decoration is the leading elegance which might convey in every trending of a fashion necklace in the world, in addition, by its color of cyan, which regarded as the finest attractiveness which might provide a tremendous excellence when put on view. Moreover, this will certainly be the top choice of a necklace which considered as the sophistication that will be sure be admired. Furthermore, this is the best as well as the finest necklace which provides a sophistication with style and manner of approach.

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Made of Cupronickel,Turquoise,Bead Dimension:1.88"x2.32" Perimeter:29.5" Color:Cyan Preparation Time: 8-15 working days.
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