Chinese Cabbage of Fertility and Purity

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When we say cabbage, the first?that?comes from our mind is the health benefits. But what do cabbage-carved jade decorations actually do? Some say it¡¯s just a simple decoration for?house that gives elegance, but it¡¯s not just that. Chinese cabbage decorations give us health and protection it might also bring us wealth. Back in 19th century, these carved jadeites were not just decorations to Chinese's people; they believe that these things bring them luck, protection, and different kinds of benefits. Cabbage jades symbolize fertility, purity, represents a good family, and a lot more. The first cabbage jade ever carved is now located in the National Museum of Taiwan and believed that its replicas are still effective.

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Made of Jade Dmension:4.5"x4"x1" Preparation Time: 8-12 working days.
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