Chinese National Minority Doll---Mongolian Clan

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The Mongolian nationality with the population of 48 millions mainly lives in the Mongolian Autonomous Region with their language and character. Their religion is Tibetan Buddhism and they are mainly engaged with stock raising and agriculture, and with the main food of the flesh, milk products and bread. They usually live in yurts, and the houses in agriculture area are mainly tile house. This doll is purely handmade by modeling a Mongolian woman holding a baby. The body and head is hand carved with a fine poplar wood. Made of linen, the clothing and hair decoration are featuring unique design and bright color. Be beautifully and exquisitely hand made, the doll has a high artistic and decorative value. You may choose it as a room decoration to make your house in a special look. And it also may be as a great present to give your friend/child, he/she will get a big surprise. Pattern: Mongolian woman holding a baby Height:4"Preparation Time: 2-3 working days
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