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This is a ancient Chinese coins used in Qing Dynasty, Xian Feng reign. Four Chinese characters " Xian Feng Chong Bao" showed on the coins. It is said to put these Chinese coins into the purse, wallet, or handbag can attract wealth luck for feng shui wealth. The Qing ( meaning 'pure ' ) Dynasty ( 1644 - 1912 ), also known as Ch'ing or Manchu, was the last of the Chinese dynasties. During the Qing period, imperial China reached its zenith of power and influence with a population growth from 150,000,000 to 450,000,000. The Qing extended China's borders farther than they had ever been before, and perfected the imperial system. There were 12 rulers of Qing Dynasty. From the Emperor Nurhachi built the Manchu state (which located at North East of China) titled as 'Tian Ming' outside the Shanhaiguan Pass in Year 1616 to the last Emperor Xuan Tong abdicated in Year 1911. The Qing Dynasty issued coins all long in every reign with varied coinages. In early Xian Feng period (the ninth ruler of Qing Dynasty), the Taiping Tianguo rebellion and the Qing Dynasty regime was challenged under the domestic and the foreign troubles. Under this situation, forcing Qing Dynasty had to issue a lot of big-value coins to make up the serious deficit. The various styles of coins by using different metals include copper, iron and lead made the coinage chaotic. In addition, the instructions for the coinage from the government were often changed suddenly within this 10 years. The quantity and the quality of coins were reduced again. The coins circulated in markets were almost not value as it state value on the coins, so as to the people's complaints could be heard everywhere. Chinese coins used in the Qing Dynasty. Reign title: Xian Feng Bless you safe and good luck Chinese coins essentially represent auspicious money luck Made of bronzethe price is 10pcs size:1"1/2 Preparation time: 2-3 working days
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