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Chinese Writing Sets 

Chinese Writing Sets
The modern Chinese calligraphy set is comprised of the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. Collectively they are known as the Four Treasures of the Study. In Chinese calligraphy, the traditional writing instrument is the brush. The common brush has a bamboo body and a head of weasel fur or fine chicken feathers. Inkstones in their simplified form are stone mortar used to grind the rods of ink, and hold ink after the water has liquefied the fine ink powder. Chinese calligraphy paper is a special type of paper which differs from common writing paper. In China, this paper is called Xuanzhi, and is traditionally made in the province of Anhui. The Four Treasures of the Study is the essential for every calligrapher.
  • Paperweights
    Paperweights evolved from the functional to the beautiful during the early part of the industrial revolution. As the economic engines of commerce began to generate bills, letters, and other business paper something had to be provided to hold them down during the breezes that were common when offices had windows and air was allowed to waft through the workplace.
  • Inks
    This dolls were inspired by the image of Chinese Mythology character.Chinese Mythology is a collection of cultural history, folktales, and religions that have been passed down in oral or written form. There are several aspects to Chinese mythology, including creation myths and legends and myths concerning the founding of Chinese culture and the Chinese state.This doll displays the elaborate craft of dress making in the Dynasty. Most of her hair design, garments, and accessories are hand-made.Either for personal use or as a gift to friends, our chinese Mythology dolls would be a perfect choice for you.
  • Brushes

    Head Ornaments are self gripping, gives you instant volume, and lets you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful. A head ornament which is worn in overlying relation to the hair or a wig comprises a resilient arcuate first member engaging the head and providing the basic support. Head ornament have long been a fashionable hair accessory for women.Where it is very common to see girls of all ages with flowers hair clips.Wearing flowers in your hair is a sign of elegance. Not every girl can pull this look off. Large flowers generally work best with long hair done up. For short hair, a small flower that lays very flat is best . If you're lucky enough to have very long hair that styles easily, any type of hair flower will work for you.

  • Inkstones
    No matter you have a beach wedding,lawn wedding,church wedding,Chinese wedding or any style wedding plan,you'll always get a satisfied Flower Girl Dress here.You'll have a large range of bridal girl gowns here,such as Red Sweety Flower Girl Dress ,Pretty White Lace Flower Girl Dress,etc.Choosing a qulified and dreamed wedding dress flower girl dresses and prom dresses are made in China,to help you achieve your expected wedding dream.
  • Xuan Paper
    Xuan Paper
    Xuan paper, a high quality paper, which is made in Xuancheng Anhui Province, China. It is suitable for traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy.
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